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Sen. Blumenthal wants to bring back gun bills

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Sunday he would urge Senate leaders to reconsider tougher gun control and mental health measures in the wake of this weekend’s deadly shootings near the University of California, Santa Barbara….

How Many Shots Does It Take to Bring Down a Remotely-Controlled Drone?

Thousands of bullets were fired to take out these remote-controlled vehicles.

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‘Can’t make this up’! NC NAACP tells voter ID protesters to bring photo ID to Moral March [pics]

Protest suppression?
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Texas Choose Life License Plates Bring in $46,000 for Adoption Grants

Texas attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott has put his money where his pro-life mouth is and announced grants to 13 nonprofits in Texas for the purpose of supporting adoption, the result of profits from the state’s relatively new pro-life license plates. The attorney general’s office says, “More than $ 46,000 is being distr…

Fairfax, VA zoning changes bring new restrictions to abortion facilities; support from the public still needed

A recent vote by the Fairfax City Council approved new zoning regulations that would establish abortion facilities as medical care facilities rather than regular business offices, which is what they were considered before new regulations.

A Pellet Gun, an Open Container of Alcohol, a Vehicle in a No-Parking Zone: What Not to Bring When Photographing the Secretary of State’s Home

BOSTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Authorities have arrested a man spotted outside Secretary of State John Kerry’s home reportedly taking photographs of a window.

A pellet gun was found in the man’s vehicle, a Kerry spokesman said.

State Department security officers called Boston police when the man’s vehicle was seen in a no-parking zone near Kerry’s Louisburg Square house.


Chances are you didn’t need to show photo identification to vote for President Obama, but if you’re going to witness his inauguration in person Jan. 21, you’d better be prepared to prove who you are. Bring the kids’ IDs too. Why? Racism, duh.

The Washingtonian provides these handy tips for those headed to D.C. to cheer on the president: