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Mom Who Birthed Baby in Bar Bathroom, Stuffed Body in a Toilet Pleads Guilty

The mother involved in the brutal murder of a newborn baby boy has pleaded guilty. A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman gave birth to a baby boy in the restroom of a sports bar in Allentown, suffocated him, then stuffed his body in a toilet tank before returning to the bar to finish watching a wrestling match […]…

Indian Mother Gives Birth to Conjoined Twins, Baby Has Two Heads and One Body

An Indian mother too poor to be able to afford an ultrasound that could have prepared her beforehand, was surprised to give birth to conjoined twins. The child, weighing 7lbs 7oz was born on Tuesday at a local hospital. Doctors fear the baby, who has two heads, two necks and two spines but only one […]…

Abortionist Talked to Babies’ Body Parts During Abortions: “Come on Little Arm, I Know You’re There”

Planned Parenthood trainers from New York who chant “Abortion all the time!” An abortionist who talks to aborted baby parts, saying things like, “Come on, little arm, I know you’re here! Now you stop hiding from me!” Daily abortion quotas. Threats of being fired for not answering the phone by the third ring to sell […]…

Suit: Body of U.S. Marine Sent Home to His Parents Without a Heart – Then They Were Sent Someone Else’s

“This is his heart. This is his soul. This is what made Brian who he is.”

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Abortionist Killed Baby Born Alive After Abortion, Hid Evidence Cremating Body

Some time ago, Live Action published a series on babies born alive after abortions. The series highlighted cases where children were born after abortions and not allowed to survive. One article discussed the accusations made by a former clinic worker against Dr. Tommy Tucker, who has since lost his license after being implicated in the death of a woman at his clinic. Many people in the pro-life movement are aware of the allegations against abortionist Douglas Karpen. Three abortion clinic workers released a video in which they testified that the abortionist has killed many babies who were born alive.

Picture of Dog Seemingly Standing Guard Over Dead Body After Tornado Goes Viral

Dog Spotted Standing Guard Near Dead Body Reunited With Its Alive Owner

This dog was initially spotted standing guard near a dead body thought to be its owner. The dog was going to be adopted by a deputy but a woman later identified it as her brother’s, who is alive. (Photo: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office)

Many people might have lost pets in Monday’s deadly tornado that ripped through Oklahoma City’s metropolitan area, but this dog’s owner was thought to be among the 24 people who were killed in the storm.

Body Armor

It’s hard enough convincing citizens it is indeed a valid idea to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection against an unforeseen threat. Mention the use of body armor, and the wailing truly begins. “A bullet-proof vest! Just how paranoid are you?” was one question I heard. “I don’t ever plan to be in a position where I’d need body armor,” was another.