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Frustrated Mom Posts Scathing Blog Post Excoriating Hollywood’s Immorality After Her Young Son Sees Shocking Sex Scene

Content Warning: The themes and images presented in this article may not be suitable for all audiences.

A publicist — who is also a mother — is fed up with Hollywood’s exploitation of sex. Rather than remain silent, she recently penned an epic blog post lampooning the entertainment industry and calling for Tinseltown and society, alike, to come to its moral senses.

‘Mystery Man’ Behind Mom’s Viral Baseball Blog Post Tells the Story That Helped Motivate His Powerful Act of Kindness

Chad McLoughlin remembers when he was just a kid going to Milwaukee Brewers games. He also remembers the disappointment of leaving those games empty-handed. And that feeling is partially what motivated him to commit the random act of kindness that turned into a viral blog post from a mom whose boy was at the receiving end of that kindness.

Man behind moms viral baseball blog post speaks out: Chad McLaughlin says he didnt think it was a big deal

Young Isaiah and the mystery man. (Via Arena Five blog)

Pro-Abortion Blog: Pro-Life Women Not Worthy of the Female Vote

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Will the day ever come when pro-aborts develop enough of a conscience to stop slandering people they disagree with? Don’t count on it, if the brazen malice of Jezebel’s latest screed is anything to go by. Katie JM Baker writes on the Republican Party’s alleged inability to secure the female vote, even with the prominence of pro-life women such as Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

After FBI raid, Menendez blames ‘right wing blog’ for scandal woes

Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying, right? The “right-wing conspiracy” defense has worked out pretty well for others in the Democrat party. Right-wing blogs have come a long way since 1998, though, and they hold up pretty well against “real journalists” who seem to overlook shenanigans when distracted by a shiny “D” next to someone’s name. Get the FBI involved, though, and things get tricky.

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A Letter from a Foreign Welcome Home Blog Follower: Danila in Italy

We receive a lot of wonderful emails from some of the people who frequent this site, and we appreciate every one. Recently, we got a message from one of our foreign visitors, a woman named Danila in Italy. In her message, Danila apologizes for her “terrible English,” but we think that her message could not […]

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