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Joe Biden’s photo-op with nuns no match for pic of Bill Clinton and his new ‘walker’

“Oh, Bill.”
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Happy Bill of Rights Day? Katie Pavlich calls surgeon general confirmation ‘a damn disaster’

Happy #BillofRightsDay?
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Congress’s Huge $1T Spending Bill Puts no Limits on Obama’s Immigration Action

“…essential security functions for the next few months…”

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Pro-Life Bill Cassidy Defeats Pro-Abortion Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana

Pro-life Republicans have picked up another seat int he U.S. Senate thanks to a victory in Saturday’s special election by pro-life Congressman Bill Cassidy over pro-abortion Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. Cassidy pulled in 56 percent of the vote, to Landrieu’s 44 percent. Cassidy had a 100% pro-life voting record while serving in Con…

Congress to pass landmark Israel partnership bill

Either despite or in spite of the wretched antisemite in the White House. What a powerful rebuke of the uber-left and its BDS. Congress to pass landmark Israel partnership bill Bipartisan legislation, which has been a focus of AIPAC lobbying, will strengthen defense, energy cooperation,” Times of Israel, By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil December 3, 2…
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Florida: Gun bill could rekindle school safety debate

After the issue drew heavy debate during the 2014 legislative session, a House Republican is bringing back a proposal that could lead to some public-school employees or volunteers carrying guns on campus….

Global warming activist Bill McKibben tweets about the ‘astonishing record’ snow in Buffalo [photo]

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Bill de Blasio forgoes zombie groundhog Halloween costume, dresses as … something else

The “mandles” make the man.
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Bill and Hillary Clinton ‘over the moon’ to be grandparents [photos]

Meeting Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.
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New Jersey: Bill introduced to grant discretion in gun cases

A Republican lawmaker says he has introduced a bill that would give discretion to New Jersey judges dealing with out-of-state gun owners….

California: Bright-colored air gun bill passes state Assembly

SB199 advanced on a 41-34 vote, the minimum needed to pass, after Republican lawmakers and an influential Democrat blasted it as ineffective. It now returns to the Senate….

Fight to Stop SB53, the Ammunition Sales Purchase Permits and Registration bill, Heats Up in Sacramento

The war over SB 53 is heating up in Sacramento and now anti-gun advocates are attempting to split gun owners by trying to buy the support of hunters.  The newest amended version of SB 53 will continue to BAN the mail and internet sales of ammunition to firearms owners in California, unless you have a hunting license.  Supporters of SB 53 think …

Massachusetts: House Votes to Non-Concur on Senate Gun Bill

Today, the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to non-concur on Senate Bill 2265, the Senate’s version of House Bill 4285.  Conferees will now be appointed from both the state Senate and House of Representatives to work out the differences between both bills in a conference committee….

California: Governor Brown Signs First Anti-Gun Bill into Law for 2014

Last Friday, July 18, Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed into law anti-gun Assembly Bill 1964.  AB 1964 unnecessarily removes existing exemptions for all single-shot pistols, other than those with a break top or bolt-action, from California’s roster of “not unsafe” handguns.  It is unfortunate that this legislation was passed and Governor Brow…

Massachusetts: Senate Strips Gun Control Language From Gun Bill

Thanks to your calls, e-mails and active involvement, Thursday the Massachusetts Senate stripped some of the most egregious anti-gun provisions from Senate Bill 2265, including the elimination of the discretionary component which would have created new “may issue” FID issuance standards by providing issuing authorities with unlimited discretion…

Missouri: Governor Vetoes NRA-Backed Pro-Gun Bill

Yesterday, Governor Jay Nixon (D) vetoed a NRA supported pro-gun measure, Senate Bill 656.  Sponsored by state Senator Will Kraus (R-8) and handled in the House by state Representative Kevin Elmer (R-139), SB 656 passed overwhelmingly in both legislative chambers.  Unfortunately, Governor Jay Nixon felt the pro-gun provisions were not important o…

Massachusetts: Senate Could Consider Gun Control Bill as Early as Thursday

As previously reported, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed House Bill 4278 last week.  This misguided gun control bill would create new “may issue” FID issuance standards by giving issuing authorities unfettered discretion to deny firearm identification cards and would require Massachusetts to submit unnecessary records to NICS, in…