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‘I’d mourn for what could have been’: Rep. Elijah Cummings on verge of tears at IRS hearing [video]

He thanked Commissioner John Koskinen “from the depths of his heart.”
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‘This lady’s husband was killed. She wishes she’d been able to carry’ [pics]

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Think You’ve Been on a Bad First Date? You Might Want to Think Again After Reading What He Allegedly Did at the End of the Night

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‘It’s a Huge Concern’: Why Has a Man Been Filming Outside a Washington Elementary School for a Month?

“The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was Sandy Hook.”

TheBlaze.com – Stories

Their Son Had Been Missing for Four Days — Then They Saw the Newspaper Photo of ‘Homeless Men’ Trying to Stay Warm 400 Miles Away

“Nick warms himself on a steam grate with three other homeless men…”

TheBlaze.com – Stories

‘This whole thing has been a mess’: More frustration with Covered California

As Twitchy reported yesterday, a man from Long Beach, Calif. took to the street in protest, claiming he’s been denied health care even though he enrolled for coverage through CoveredCA, which is California’s Obamacare exchange. Another person recently detailed a similar problem: @CoveredCA I know what the insurer does is not not issue b…
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‘Troubling’: Federal Judge Orders Obama Admin. to Disclose Document Its Been Trying to Keep Hidden

“The government appears to adopt the cavalier attitude that the President should be permitted to convey orders throughout the Executive Branch without public oversight…”

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WSJ reports there have been only 50,000 successful Obamacare enrollments

A report in this afternoon’s Wall Street Journal claims that the federal HealthCare.gov website has resulted in only 40,000 to 50,000 successful enrollments nationwide as of last week — about 10 percent of projections. But White House spokesman Jay Carney told us early numbers “were always going to be low.”

Take a Good Look at the 47-Year-Old Sex Offender Accused of Impregnating 12-Year-Old Girl — There May Have Been Other Victims

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (AP) — A registered sex offender who allegedly impregnated a 12-year-old southern New Jersey girl is now facing more charges — and the public is asked to take a good look at him, because he may have targeted other girls in the past.

Glenn Beck Reveals a Story He Hasn’t Been Able to Share for Over a Year

Glenn Beck shared a story with viewers on Wednesday that he’s been keeping close to the vest since before the 2012 election, explaining that he’s been waiting for the right time to say what exactly happened, and what it means for the country.

It all began, Beck said, in what he believes was late August when he was getting ready to do a number of events with FreedomWorks.

TV Show Host: ‘If the Govt Shuts Down, Does That Mean Congress Finally Won’t Get Paid for the Job They Haven’t Been Doing Anyway?’

As you can see, “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron is in a bit of a mood…

Dancing with the Stars Host Tom Bergeron Asks Twitter If Congress Gets Paid During Government Shutdown

Tom Bergeron (Credit: Twitter)

…and no doubt like many Americans, he has a burning question in regard to the possible federal government shutdown scheduled for day’s end Monday:

Dancing with the Stars Host Tom Bergeron Asks Twitter If Congress Gets Paid During Government Shutdown

(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)

Bergerson got a little help from his Twitter friends on the matter Sunday night:

Dancing with the Stars Host Tom Bergeron Asks Twitter If Congress Gets Paid During Government Shutdown

(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)

MSNBC.com Says New Website Is ‘What Progressives Have Been Waiting For’

MSNBC.com Says New Website Is What Progressives Have Been Waiting For

The MSNBC Splash Page which greeted users over the weekend. (Credit: MSNBC.com)

Individuals visiting MSNBC.com over the weekend will be greeted with a new splash page billing the new website as “what progressives have been waiting for.”

“Want a sneak peek at the new msnbc.com?” the splash page asks. “It’s what progressives have been waiting for.”

On the other side of the splash page, visitors are told to visit NBC News for “breaking news and reporting.”

‘It Sounded Really Bad’: 13 Children Injured After Festival Swing Ride Loses Power and Falls to the Ground (UPDATE: Children May Have Been Trapped Under Ride)

A swing ride injured 13 children, some seriously, after it malfunctioned and fell to the ground at a festival in Norwalk, Conn. Sunday, reports WVIT-TV.

CNN reports the ride “apparently lost power causing the children on the ride to forcefully fall to the ground,” according to the Norwalk police Facebook page.

CNN: 13 Children Injured After Swing Ride Loses Power at Festival

(Credit: Twitter/Rob Polansky)

According to The Hour, a Norwalk newspaper, officials first called in the incident as a “mass casualty” with possible entrapment, and crews freed all children from any entrapment quickly.

Rand Paul Slams Drug Laws: ‘The Last Two Presidents Could…Have Been Put in Jail’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been pushing a string of libertarian-centric issues over the last few weeks, since his well-documented filibuster against drone strikes that target American citizens. First, there was his fierce advocacy of removing tax provisions favoring marriage in order to get the issue out of government control. Then, there was his equally fierce refusal to back down from supporting a normalization of immigrant status for illegal immigrants, citing “de facto amnesty.”

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DoJ website hacked by Anonymous? Update: Who is responsible? Update: Site has been restored

The U.S. Department of Justice website is down this evening. It appears it may have been knocked offline by a hacker. Stay tuned for updates.


It is unclear whether Anonymous was responsible. Other hackers, some of them linked to Anonymous, are claiming credit:

This is ChannelZeroYT’s Twitter bio: