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TV Host Who Skipped Chemo to Save Her Unborn Baby Dies 100 Days After Giving Birth

Tragically, a woman from China died earlier this week after refusing chemotherapy for womb cancer to protect her unborn baby. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, womb cancer, which is formally known as Endometrial cancer, is the sixth most common cancer in women worldwide (fourteenth most common cancer overall), with 320,000 new cases diag…

Josh and Anna Duggar share news of fourth baby

More baby news from the 19 Kids and Counting family: Josh and Anna Duggar are now parents to a new little one, who is due next year. This is the couple’s fourth child. Josh and Anna have been married since 2008, and Josh currently works for the Family Research Council. On Tuesday, Anna tweeted the […]

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Drunk Diver Kills Mother and Unborn Baby, Judge Tells Him “You Took Two Lives, Not One”

In February, 22-year-old Paige Jackson and her unborn son, who she already named Reuben, died after being hit by a drunk and drugged driver. Jackson was walking to work when Floyd Mangove hit her, throwing her into the air at more than 70mph. She died instantly and despite doctors carrying out an emergency caesarean, her […]…

Soldier surprises wife, son, and 22-hour-old baby in hospital

Soldier surprises wife, son, and 22-hour-old baby in hospitalIn this trifecta of Welcome Home greatness, 22 hours after watching his …
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Marine Returns Home, Meets Baby for First Time

Marine Returns Home, Meets Baby for First TimeMarine comes hope from deployment, meets his baby for the first time.Welcome Home Blog

Parents Anguished as Premature Baby Left to Die, Hospital Wouldn’t Revive Baby Born at 22 Weeks

In a second case of its kind in two weeks, a hospital has refused to revive a prematurely-born infant — leaving parents in dismay as they were forced to hold their deceased child. In Britain, Tracy Godwin, 34, cradled her newborn son Tom in her arms until he died because a hospital in Scotland has […]…

She Had an Abortion to Save Her Music Career, Now She Says “I Wish I’d Kept the Baby”

This will be a brief post because I could find very little about “Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys,” the memoir of Viv Albertine. Okay, I didn’t who she was, either. She was the star of the 1970s all-girl punk band, “The Slits,” a group that was apparently hugely influential in breaking […]…

Newborn Baby Recovering After Found in Trash Can Wrapped in Grocery Bag

With so many deadly infanticides cases in the news recently, it’s good news to hear of a baby in an infanticide case who has survived. In Greenville, South Carolina, a woman has been charged after a homeowner found a newborn infant in a trash can outside the home. Greenville police said a homeowner was there […]…

Actress Olivia Wilde Gushes Over Her Unborn Baby But Still Thinks Abortion’s Okay

The stunning Olivia Wilde recently publicly shared some beautiful life affirming words. Wilde is expecting her first child this May and I am loving the words she used to describe her pregnancy. She admitted to Lucky magazine that she initially expected to hide every expecting inch, but with her growing baby, her heart grew too. […]…

Pro-Lifers Raise $100K for Wife and Unborn Baby of Pro-Lifer Murdered in Shooting

The pro-life community has rallied together across the country to raise $ 100,000 for the wife and unborn baby of a pro-life advocate murdered in a terrible shooting recently. As LifeNews.com reported, Nathan Trapuzzano was a young 24-year-old man who served as a sidewalk counselor at a local abortion clinic in Indiana and had a baby […]…

Video Celebrates Mom With Cancer Who Refused Abortion, Gave Her Life for Her Baby

Washington, DC (LiveActionFilms) – Last month, Elizabeth Joice, a strong woman, beautiful wife, and courageous mother, died after a roller coaster ride with cancer, leaving behind her husband and beautiful newborn daughter. Joice began an arduous regimen of cancer treatments after learning that she had a malignant tumor in 2010. It took surgery …

Baby Born With “Heart-Shaped Head:” Family Seeks Help for Newborn With Large Tumor on His Face

The family of a newborn baby in Indonesia is actively seeking help for the newborn son, who was born with a large tumor on his face that makes him appear to have a heart-shaped head. Muhammad Nafi, who is two weeks old, was born with a huge facial tumour and the London Daily Mail reports […]…

Doula Organization Provides Doulas to Help You Kill Your Baby in an Abortion

I am the mother of a beautiful (everyone says that, but she really is a pretty adorable baby) 9-month old daughter. A little less than a year ago, at 12 days overdue, I went into labor and gave birth, naturally and in a free-standing birth center. I had back labor (the unassuming name given the […]…

Chinese Parents, Unable to Have More Than One Baby, Give Away Babies Online

The consequences of the one-child policy in China are numerous: forced abortions, coercive sterilization, human rights abuses, infanticide, human trafficking, prostitution, skewed gender ratios, etc. Here’s yet another consequence. Parents who have a second child in violation of the one-child policy are forced to give their babies away online…

This Little Baby May Have Died But Why Should She be Incinerated for Heat?

The revelation that British hospitals have been burning thousands of aborted and miscarried babies as clinical waste and in some cases to heat the hospitals has caused official consternation, but it is hardly surprising. If medical professionals are permitted – no, expected – to dismember (amongst other things) the bodies of living babies when …

Mom Who Birthed Baby in Bar Bathroom, Stuffed Body in a Toilet Pleads Guilty

The mother involved in the brutal murder of a newborn baby boy has pleaded guilty. A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman gave birth to a baby boy in the restroom of a sports bar in Allentown, suffocated him, then stuffed his body in a toilet tank before returning to the bar to finish watching a wrestling match […]…

Abortion Clinic Found Storing Remains of Aborted Baby in Fridge With Medications

Police executed a search warrant on Ulrich G. Klopfer’s Women’s Pavilion abortion clinic in South Bend, Indiana, seizing documents and other property on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Police from the St. Joseph County Special Victims Unit participated in the raid. It is unknown exactly what kind of documents or other evidence the search warrant all…