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US troops repel Islamic State (ISIS) attack on Iraqi base

100 US troops beat back these savages. If Obama hadn’t rushed to remove our troops from Iraq without any plan or realistic assessment of what was likely to happen when they left, the savages wouldn’t control any territory there at all. “American troops battle ISIS for first time as they see off attempted attack by […]…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

ISIS Planned to Attack Israeli Vessels After Commandeering Egyptian Missile Boat

The Islamic State taking on the Israeli navy? Is Obama still calling these devout savages a “JV” team? And once again, Egypt, the ally Obama alienated and turned on as viciously as he did Israel, are the good guys. Obama consistently sides with the enemy. He has damaged our standing in the world and our […]…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Missouri: Anti-Gun Media Continues its Attack on Senate Bill 656

As reported Wednesday, the anti-gun media in Missouri continues taking swings at Senate Bill 656, which was passed overwhelmingly by both the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives.  Media outlets are attempting to make SB 656 into a bill that arms teachers….

Missouri: Senate Bill 656 Under Attack by Anti-Gun Media

As we recently reported, the Missouri General Assembly overwhelming passed Senate Bill 656, which currently awaits approval by Governor Jay Nixon (D).  SB 656 is a major step forward to increase Missourians Second Amendment rights.  SB 656 contains many components to increase personal safety and public safety needs for law-abiding citizens in the…

‘Would that have saved anybody?’ Cruz asks Menendez if Obama slept night of Benghazi attack [video]

Another version of “what difference does it make”?
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Rhode Island: Anti-Gun Lawmakers Turn Their Attack on Concealed Carry Process

On Tuesday, April 8, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 7587, sponsored by state Representatives Linda Finn (D-72), Christopher Blazejewski (D-2), Joseph Almeida (D-12), Arthur Handy (D-18) and Edith Ajello (D-1).  …

Is the UN’s Attack on the Catholic Church’s Pro-Life Position a Prelude to Persecution?

On Wednesday morning the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child published its Concluding Observations concerning the Catholic Church’s treatment of children. In this widely-denounced document (see HLI’s statement here), the Committee chastises the Church for supposedly ignoring or refusing the rights of children. It called for the …

Georgia: Self-Defense Under Attack

Barring postponement due to inclement weather, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., the state Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee will hold a hearing on legislation that attacks your inherent right to self-defense.  Senate Bill 280, sponsored by state Senator Vincent Fort (D-39), would repeal an integral portion of Georgia’s self-defense law that allows an i…

Jihadists Attack US Embassy in Afghan Capital on Christmas Day: Rockets Hit US Compound

But but but Obama told us that Afghanistan was the good war, the right war. That’s the war we should be fighting — remember that? More of Obama’s particular brand of …….genius. *cough* Obama’s “good” war is a disaster. He’s turned that country over to the savages. Now he tells us the Taliban is not the enemy. If not them, who? Obama. Two rocke…
Atlas Shrugs

War in the Middle East: Israeli soldier killed by a Lebanese Army Sniper Attack

The Lebanese army is firing on Israeli soldiers. The absence of American leadership and solidarity with Israel has left a terrible vacuum in the Middle East, and evil loves a vacuum. “Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanese Army Sniper Attack on Israel-Lebanon Border,” By Algemeiner, December 15, 2013 An Israeli soldier was killed by a Lebanese Army sni…
Atlas Shrugs

Neo-Nazis Attack Group Protesting Them in Sweden; 28 Arrested, 4 Hospitalized

A neo-Nazi group called the Swedish Resistance Movement claimed responsibility for the attack.

TheBlaze.com – Stories

Prison Break: 40 Inmates Escape Libyan Prison After Attack by Gunmen

TheBlaze.com – Stories

Jihadis kill Egyptian soldiers in the bloodiest attack in the Sinai Peninsula in several years

They. can't. stop. killing.

"Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai car bomb attack"  By The Telegraph, November 20, 2013
Bomb hits army convoy in restive peninsula, where troops have been battling Islamist militants
Wednesday's bombing was the deadliest since an August 19 ambush by gunmen on a convoy of security forces that killed 25 policemen in the town of Rafah in North Sinai
Wednesday's bombing was the deadliest since an August 19 ambush by gunmen on a convoy of security forces that killed 25 policemen in the town of Rafah in North Sinai Photo: AFP/GETTY IMAGES


ALERT! Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Stood Its Ground Against Attack

By an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 11-2, the Florida House Criminal Justice Committee defeated House Bill 4003 by Representative Alan Williams (D).  

Michigan: Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Voted to Attack Your Right to Self-Defense

Last Wednesday, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners voted 5-4 to pass a resolution urging the Michigan Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder (R) to repeal Michigan’s important “Stand Your Ground” law, which would erode your inherent right to self-defense.  Voting in support of this misguided resolution were county commissioners Felicia Bradbec (D-District 4), Ronnie Peterson (D-District 6), Andy LaBarre (D-District 7), Yousef Rabhi (D-District 8) and Conan Smith (D-District 9).

‘Insider Attack’: Afghan in Uniform Kills Three Foreign Special Forces Soldiers

KABUL (Reuters) – An Afghan wearing a security forces uniform shot dead three foreign special forces personnel on Saturday and wounded another, Afghan and Western military officials said, in the first apparent “insider attack” in several months.

Since last year, attacks by Afghan soldiers on their allies in the NATO-run ISAF force have become a serious problem, threatening to further undermine waning support for the war among Western nations sending troops here.

‘This speech is becoming offensive’: Kirsten Powers, others shred Susan Rice’s justification for Syria attack

National Security Adviser Susan Rice addressed The New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., today, where she attempted to spell out why striking Syria is in the best interests of U.S. national security.

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers was skeptical of Rice’s pitch from start to finish: