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Liberal Group That Trumpets ‘Hate Map’ Feels the Sting of Backlash — and From a Gov’t Agency That Might Surprise You

“The Southern Poverty Law Center’s mission to push anti-Christian propaganda is inconsistent with the mission of both the military and the FBI.”

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Mississippi: Senate and House Pass NRA-Backed Measures; State Agency Adopts Key Administrative Changes

Today, the Mississippi Senate passed Senate Bill 2478, sponsored by state Senator Terry Burton (R-Lauderdale, Newton & Scott Counties), to cut fees for concealed carry permits from $ 100 to $ 75 for original licenses, reduce renewal fees from $ 50 to $ 40 and lower senior citizen fees from $ 25 to $ 20.  An amendment offered by its sponsor, extended an…

SEC Tells Employees Their Personal Data Was ‘Inadvertently’ Transferred to Another Unnamed Gov’t Agency

On July 8, a letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission was sent to some of its current and former employees stating that personal data was accidentally transferred to another unnamed government agency. This incident has some citing it as an example of the problem with the government having its hands on all your data.

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Critics argue whether the government needs certain information should be questioned as it is subject to data breaches. (Image: Shutterstock.com)

Chilling: Author Brad Thor Reveals the Extremely Powerful Agency Behind New Book ‘Hidden Order’

Brad Thor Reveals Powerful Agency Behind Hidden Order: Federal Reserve

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Author Brad Thor warned about the NSA surveillance state in his last book “Black List,” and in a recent interview with TheBlaze’s Jon Seidl, described the subject of his newest book as an organization “more secretive than the NSA, CIA, and some people claim more powerful than the United States government itself.”

On Glenn Beck’s radio program Tuesday, coinciding with the book’s release date, Thor revealed the agency behind “Hidden Order”: the Federal Reserve.