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‘Pathetic’: David Axelrod hopes U.S. voters defy suppression ‘schemes’; Praises Afghan election requiring ID

Self-awareness fail
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Jihadists Attack US Embassy in Afghan Capital on Christmas Day: Rockets Hit US Compound

But but but Obama told us that Afghanistan was the good war, the right war. That’s the war we should be fighting — remember that? More of Obama’s particular brand of …….genius. *cough* Obama’s “good” war is a disaster. He’s turned that country over to the savages. Now he tells us the Taliban is not the enemy. If not them, who? Obama. Two rocke…
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Afghan Heroin Addict Chops Off Wife’s Nose and Lips After She Refused to Give Him Her Jewelry to Sell for Drugs

“This act is against human dignity.”

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‘Insider Attack’: Afghan in Uniform Kills Three Foreign Special Forces Soldiers

KABUL (Reuters) – An Afghan wearing a security forces uniform shot dead three foreign special forces personnel on Saturday and wounded another, Afghan and Western military officials said, in the first apparent “insider attack” in several months.

Since last year, attacks by Afghan soldiers on their allies in the NATO-run ISAF force have become a serious problem, threatening to further undermine waning support for the war among Western nations sending troops here.