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‘Revolting’: Blogger accused of taking pic of senator’s bedridden wife stirs ‘disgust’

“Strict rule: don’t be an inhuman ass.”
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He Was Initially Arrested After a Woman Accused Him of Blackmail — After a Judge Saw This Video, He Convicted Her Instead

“Can you chill out for two seconds?”

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Television Networks Ignore Case of Utah Mother Accused of Killing Seven Babies

ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning newscasts on Monday all omitted the arrest of a Utah woman, after the bodies of seven newborn babies were discovered in her house on Saturday. The Big Three morning shows did understandably devote a significant amount of air time to a white supremacist’s shooting rampage at two Jewish community centers [&#823…

Palestinian Man Accused of Cutting Cooking Gas Lines in Israelis’ Homes Hoping to Ignite Massive Explosion

“[W]ith the intent of toppling a building, resulting in the deaths of its Jewish inhabitants.”

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U.K. Hospital Accused of Something So Disturbing Involving Patients Even Some Guards Allegedly Refused to Participate

“In many cases we are talking about patients known as ‘bed blockers’, elderly people unable to return home or with no residential care unit to go to.”

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Waitress Accused of Lying About Anti-Gay Customers Denying Her a Tip Now Out of a Job

“Ms. Morales will no longer continue her employment at our restaurant.”

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Why the Two Teens Accused of Beating WWII Vet Delbert Belton to Death Now Need to Be Protected

“Aryan Brotherhood”

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American Christian Parents Who Adopted and Homeschooled Kids Accused by Qatar of Killing One to Harvest Organs

Prosecutors in Qatar have accused an American Christian couple of starving their adopted daughter to death in order to sell her body parts, but a leading U.S. legal advocacy group said they are innocent and that the entire case is based on “faulty science” and misunderstandings by Qatar over interracial adoptions and homeschooling.

If convicted, Matthew and Grace Huang could face the death penalty.

American Christian Couple that Adopted and Homeschooled Kids Accused by Qatar of Killing One to Harvest Organs   Could Face Death Penalty

Matthew and Grace Huang with two of their children (Photo courtesy: FreeMattAndGrace.com)

Take a Good Look at the 47-Year-Old Sex Offender Accused of Impregnating 12-Year-Old Girl — There May Have Been Other Victims

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (AP) — A registered sex offender who allegedly impregnated a 12-year-old southern New Jersey girl is now facing more charges — and the public is asked to take a good look at him, because he may have targeted other girls in the past.

Louie Gohmert Fires Back Hard at John McCain, Who Accused Him of Having ‘No Intelligence’

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) was not shy about hitting back at Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who on Wednesday told NBC News that the congressman had “no intelligence.”

“Obviously, Senator McCain would be better off with ‘no intelligence’ since he does not know the Syrian opposition he met with is infested with al Qaeda and terrorist kidnappers,” Gohmert responded in a statement to the Daily Beast. “His ‘intelligence’ even caused him to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that burned churches and killed Christians, as the senator stood against the will of the massive majority of Egyptians including moderate Muslims, Christians, and secularists who demanded the Muslim Brotherhood extremist persecutions must end.”

Irish Times Accused of Rush to Judgment in Linking Savita Death to Abortion

The Pro Life Campaign has accused The Irish Times of a rush to judgment for linking the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar to Ireland’s abortion laws before the full facts of the case had emerged.

Following today’s Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) report which criticised the basic deficiencies in the care of Ms Halappanavar, Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said:

Michigan Church Vindicated After Being Falsely Accused of Bailing Out a Child Molester

A Michigan church embroiled in the controversial case of a teacher who molested an eighth grade student has hotly denied that it supported the pedophile, and has now been vindicated by court documents.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Says It Did Not Post Bail for Mich. Child Molester Neal Erickson

Neal Erickson was sentenced 15-30 years in prison in July. (Photo via WNEM-TV)

Accused Fort Hood Killer: ‘The Evidence Will Clearly Show That I Am the Shooter’

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — The Army psychiatrist accused in the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood targeted fellow soldiers in a meticulously planned attack that included stockpiling bullets and researching Taliban leaders calling for jihad, a military prosecutor said Tuesday during the opening day of the long-awaited trial.

Petition to Obama about ‘wrongfully accused’ Tsarnaev brothers gains over 10,000 signatures

Done with this crap? So are we. But support from terror groupies and conspiracy nuts just keeps on comin’.

Alex Jones insisted the Boston Marathon bombing was a “false flag” operation, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s mother claims it was all a setup and twisted Twitterers continue to tweet their lust for the bombing suspect. As Twitchy reported, the movement to “free Jahar” is in full swing, led in part by future Infowars correspondent Troy Crossley, who shared this petition on Twitter.