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Pro-aborts’ accusations of pro-life hypocrisy aren’t even trying anymore

Longtime readers know that pro-abortion publications like Slate, RH Reality Check, ThinkProgress, and Jezebel don’t exactly have the most stringent evidentiary standards for their attacks on pro-lifers. But for a community as large, influential, and self-righteous as the pro-choice movement, you’d think that at least a few of it…
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Scandal Accusations Involving Chris Christie and Abuse of Power Just Got a Lot More Serious

“Time for some traffic problems…”

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Zionist Squirrels and Other “Squirrelly” Accusations

Those crafty Jews. Bwahahahahahaha.
Zionist Squirrels and Other “Squirrelly” Accusations Posted by The Counter Jihad Report, on October 29, 2013

By Y.K. Cherson and Rachel Molschky:

Muslims are alarmed! There is a massive conversion of animals to “Zionism”, but not a single animal has agreed to convert to Islam.

A hawk in Lebanon was recently accused of “collaborating with Zionists.” Three weeks before that, an “Israeli spy duck” in Egypt, and this just a couple of weeks after astork “spy” was found, also in Egypt. As if that’s not enough, earlier in the summer, a kestrel“Zionist spy” in Turkey was captured.