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Planet Earth From Above

Isn’t she amazing? We really should take better care of her.

An aerial view shows Doha's diplomatic area. Fadi Al-Assaad/REUTERS


The Costa Concordia Salvage Operation From Above

The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship could be upright again next week, nearly two years after the liner capsized and killed at least 30 people off the Italian coast. The giant vessel, which has lain partly submerged in shallow waters off the […]

Paris From Above

Back in 2011 we posted a series called London From Above. You kinda liked it. We hope you like Paris From Above just as much.

The Australian Outback From Above

The Australian Outback is one of the most hostile environments on earth, but it looks quite beautiful from above.

‘Space Oddity’: International Space Station Commander Reprises David Bowie’s Classic…240 Miles above the Earth

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield has become something of an Internet celebrity for exploits such as videotaping himself washing his hands in space and showing what happens when you wring out a washcloth in zero gravity. Indeed, the Canadian astronaut boasts 770,000 Twitter followers.

But his latest project is, as they say, out of this world.

In between space walks and other minor tasks, Hadfield manged to put together a music video of his rendition of David Bowie’s classic single, “Space Oddity,” according to Variety.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Destruction From Above

I think by now we all now what damage hurricane Sandy did to New York and New Jersey. If you don’t, these aerial images will make it clearer.