Mark Knoller: 1; TSA: 0 (Bonus: Biden, Whoopi Goldberg zinger-pic)

And so began journo Mark Knoller’s TSA Twitter-rant on Sunday morning. He continued:

Egg beaters can be wily!

Or did he?

Knoller: 1: TSA: 0. Ish.

Heh. Who will think of the journos? Who?!

Still, Twitter users were entertained.


And a suggestion for the mild-mannered Knoller:

Maybe he isn’t too shake fisty, but Knoller often lets the humor fly. As Twitchy reported, Vice President Biden recently shared an Amtrak ride with “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg. Knoller’s take?

Bada-zing! It definitely was the Clown Car, though.


Whoopi Goldberg joins Joe Biden: Famous comedian shares Amtrak ride with ‘The View’ co-host [pic]

Full Twitchy coverage of Mark Knoller

Twitchy » US Politics


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