Wellness check: HealthCare.gov Twitter feed going strong … with apologies

Just about all of the United States government’s Twitter feeds succumbed to the government shutdown Monday night, with everything from the U.S. Capitol to the Jimmy Carter Library to Asteroid Watch promising to go dark the second the deadline passed. One Twitter feed not subject to the shutdown was @HealthCareGov, which was ready for business.

That’s a lot of traffic; maybe too much traffic.

Most of the feed’s business was responding to people who were having technical problems with the HealthCare.gov website, and business was good. The government is playing doctor, and all you need is patience.

Hey, the new iPhone wasn’t perfect on Day 1 either. Glitches, people.

Hope you feel better? See, people are already being helped by Obamacare.

The mood is starting to pick up a little. Maybe this is the shift where Obamacare superfans ‘NSYNC took over the Twitter feed.

Once these little glitches are fixed, we just know Obamacare’s gonna be great.

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