Pa. Dem lawmaker: Hush up about Obama’s mythical scandals or the terrorists will win

Friday morning, a Pennsylvania state senator went back and forth with a Pennsylvania state representative about President Obama’s ongoing scandalpalooza.

GOP Rep. Stephen Bloom highlighted the “grave danger to liberty” posed by the administration’s thuggery.

But Dem Sen. Anthony Williams wouldn’t just sit by and watch Bloom tarnish what remains of Obama’s reputation. The trampling of Americans’ rights by the Obama admin? “Get over it,” he tweeted.

When Bloom asked if his colleague was OK with federal intimidation of citizens, Williams pretty much accused him of enabling terrorists. Oh, and “creationism.”

Don’t question Obama … or the terrorists win?

Oh, that’s cute. The targeting of conservatives by the IRS and the bullying of the press by the DOJ have nothing to do with liberty? And Bloom is the partisan one?

Talking past each other is one way to put it.

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