Fact check: No, Mr. President, Capitol janitors not taking a pay cut due to sequester; Update: Plouffe blames Romney

That was a “great, great answer” from the president about the janitors at the Capitol having to clean up after the financial mess Congress left behind, wasn’t it? Just great. But was it true?

Drum roll, please.

We’re shocked to hear the same person who said the sequester “will not happen” misrepresent its effects for political leverage.

In its fact check, the Washington Post referred to an email sent by the Capitol building superintendent to quell fears that layoffs were imminent. Even though the email includes the sentence, “This is NOT true,” highlighted in red, that’s not the best part — that would be the line, “There was a specific mention in the news today by a high ranking official” that janitors were facing a pay cut.

Does President Obama know this “high-ranking official” is running around telling lies about the sequester?

* * *


Hold up. White House senior adviser David Plouffe has some important new facts to add that clarify the president’s, um, misstatement.

Good point. We’ll keep that in mind when we go back in time and re-do the 2012 election.

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