LA Gets Two Rocket Launcers In Their Gun Buy Back Program

gun buy backIf you ask me, these “gun buy back” programs are making a killing (no pun intended) on firearms as police departments basically pay pennies on the dollar for these weapons that are turned in. I actually am curious if many of the officers offer to purchase them, even though we are told publicly that the weapons will be “melted down.”

A recent report from a KTLA, where authorities collected 2,037 firearms and two anti-tank rocket launchers, demonstrates just how many firearms and the types of weapons people are willing to surrender for cheap or free.

“Those are weapons of war, weapons of death,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said of the rockets and assault weapons.

“These are made to put high-velocity, extremely deadly, long-range rounds downrange as quickly as possible, and they have no place in our great city,” he added.

Except of course in the hands of police officers, right Chief Beck?

“Perhaps the most honest testament to the success of yesterday’s program can be seen in the 166 weapons that were surrendered for nothing,” said Mayor Antonio Villaigosa.

I’m thinking of starting my own “buy back” program. After all, I like guns, have no intention of using them to assault anyone and I’ve got ten kids to protect, train in gun safety and proper use. Furthermore, in most of these instances the authorities are trading a measly $ 50 or $ 75 gift card for weapons worth ten times that!

In the case of the rocket launchers, I’m sure it is well beyond that ratio. For me, I could not do such a thing with trading guns over state lines unless they were processed through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer, which I do have.

It just seems amazing to me that people would willingly turn in firearms that they can legally own and even if they went to a local pawn shop can gain far more revenue than by turning them in for a cheap gift card.

I just think putting these kinds of weapons in the hands of a law abiding citizen, who would put them to good use and educate a future generation on firearms would be much more useful than turning them into the police department where either they are going to trade them around to each other or they are going to melt them down. Oh, and remember, I’m doing it “for the children.”

I’m highly doubtful anyone in my audience would take me up on my offer, as many of you know the value of a firearm is not measured in mere dollars, but I’ve got plenty of $ 50 and $ 75 gift cards just in case.

Watch the report below:

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