‘Headline or straight line?': White House intruder found ‘not competent’

Headline or straight line?





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Democrat Caught on Tape Stuffing Arizona Ballot Box

Democrats have a reputation for flagrantly cheating in just about every election that’s ever been held.

Anybody recall those 59 district in Philadelphia in 2012 where President Obama got 100 percent of the vote, with not even a single vote for Mitt Romney? That one was so blatant that even though Snopes.com claimed it was false, the best defense it could muster was to say that it wasn’t a complete mathematical impossibility.

Typically, when Republicans are accused of ballot tampering (whenever they win), the Democrats will swoop in with teams of lawyers and try every which way they can think of to “recount” the votes in an attempt to massage a victory out of a loss.

Whenever Democrats are similarly accused, however, the GOP’s response is usually nonexistent because the courts are so packed with liberal judges that there’s often no point to even challenging the results beyond any official one-time recount by the local county clerk.

Democrats seem to have really stepped up their voter fraud efforts since Al Gore lost the 2000 presidential election. That one gnawed at liberals so much that even long after the Supreme Court had decided for Bush, several major media outlets led by the New York Times were still paying teams to try to find some combination of hanging chads and legal exclusions that would result in a magic win for Gore. They never did find one, and Democrats never did forgive the electoral system.

Which might go a long way toward explaining the flagrant ballot stuffing by a Democratic operative caught on videotape in Maricopa County, Arizona, right in front of the chairman of the county Republican Party, A.J. LaFaro.

LaFaro said he was monitoring goings-on with early ballot processing when a burly-looking fellow wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt came in while the staff was still at lunch, carrying a large stack of ballots and began literally stuffing them in the ballot box. Here’s the security footage.

Citizens for a Better Arizona is a liberal nonprofit group that traces its roots back to the recall of Republican President of the Senate Russell Pearce.

LaFaro said he confronted the man and asked him what he was doing. This is the conversation as LaFaro recalls it, reported by The Blaze:

Guy: “What’s your problem?”

LaFaro: “I don’t have a problem.”

Guy: “Stop watching me. You’re annoying me.”

LaFaro: “One of your ballots isn’t sealed.”

Guy: “It’s none of your business. What’s your name?”

LaFaro: “I’m the chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party. What’s yours?”

Guy: “Go f*** yourself. I don’t have to tell you who I am.”


It is possible there was a valid reason for that person to be delivering a huge stack of ballots at a time when most of the staff was absent and the doors probably should have been locked. But since the man refused to identify himself or his legitimate purpose, we can only guess that perhaps his real purpose was, as he stated, to tell voters to “Go f*** yourself.”

It’s a good thing we don’t have voter ID laws, or that guy would have been totally discriminated against, maybe even disenfranchised.


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What Congressmen Are Told About Ebola

The Congressional Research Service has been driving the legislative debate since 1914, giving our Congressmen information on various topics. The latest report on October 3, 2014, entitled, “Ebola: Basics about the Disease,” by Sarah Lister, Specialist in Public Health and Epidemiology, provides the following information obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

  1. Ebola outbreak began in December 2013 in Guinea and spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone by March 2014.
  2. Ebola virus is a filo-virus named after the Ebola River in Zaire, with five different strains; the Zaire strain is causing the current outbreak.
  3. Fruits bats are considered the most likely “reservoir” of the virus which is spread to humans through contact with infected animals.
  4. Human to human transmission occurs through “direct contact with body fluids or contaminated objects such as medical equipment.”
  5. “It cannot be spread through the air” like common cold viruses or influenza.
  6. Healthcare workers and family members that care for EVD patients “have a high risk of infection.”
  7. Incubation period in humans, from exposure to onset of symptoms, “varies from 2 to 21 days, with an average of 8 to 10 days.”
  8. Survivors still have Ebola virus and “remain contagious for several months after infection even though symptoms are no longer present.”
  9. Symptoms include “high fever (greater than 101.5 degrees F), severe headache, muscle pain, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal (stomach) pain, and unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising).”
  10. Lab tests are available to detect the disease but they often show false negative in the incipient infection.
  11. Patients can be isolated in a medical setting (to separate ill people from healthy people) or quarantined at home (to restrict movement of people who are well but may have been exposed).
  12. The fatality rate of Ebola “exceeds 50 percent.” The World Health Organization (WHO) reported the current outbreak fatality in West Africa to be 70.7 percent in Guinea, 72.3 percent in Liberia, and 69 percent in Sierra Leone. Patients in hospitals had a death rate of 61-67 percent.
  13. Transmission prevention can be done by avoiding contact with body fluids of those infected. “EVD is not likely to be easily transmitted in community settings in the United States.” Caregivers and healthcare workers “face considerable risk of transmission.” Protective gear, “liberal disinfection, and careful handling of human remains and contaminated objects are essential.”
  14. No therapies and vaccines against EVD have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  15. “WHO assumes that EVD-specific therapies and vaccines will not be available in sufficient time or amount to quell the current outbreak.”
  16. Oral and intravenous fluids are administered to maintain hydration as well as blood transfusions to replace the loss of blood from hemorrhage.
  17. Some victims received serum and plasma from EVD survivors in order to provide antibodies. “The effectiveness of this approach has not been demonstrated.”
  18. WHO said that testing unproven therapies on human subjects, although it raises ethical questions, is warranted in the current outbreak. Experts in the medical field disagree.
  19. WHO warned on September 22 that by early November there will be 20,000 people infected with Ebola Zaire.
  20. The CDC warned that, in the worst case scenario, the case count projections will be 1.4 million by January 20, 2015.

Lister concludes her report, “In light of concerns raised by the introduction of EVD into the United States, the CDC Director has said that these concerns can best be alleviated by controlling the outbreak in West Africa.”

This begs the questions, why is the United States not closing all flights from the affected areas, and why is it still issuing travel visas to citizens from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea who want to come to the U.S.? Travel is a privilege, not a right.

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Hilarious Taylor Swift Parody Relentlessly Mocks Obama & All His Scandals

What do you do when your administration is plagued with scandal after scandal–including the handling of an actual plague? You shake it off. At least that’s what Reason TV’s resident songwriter Remy says in his latest video. via FreeBeacon

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Is this really Renee Zellweger?

(DAILYMAIL) — She’s well known for transforming her appearance for movie roles.

But off-screen Renee Zellweger, 45, displayed an astonishingly different look at ELLE’s 21st annual Women In Hollywood Awards at the Four Seasons Hotel in California on Monday.

The Jerry Maguire actress looked almost unrecognisable with her super line-free forehead, altered brow and suspiciously puffy face, although she has never admitted to getting surgery.



‘Your tax dollars NOT at work': $775 million for feds on admin leave

Weeks getting paid not to work? Sounds like a real punishment.

No accountability and virtual 100% job security.

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Congress Begs DOJ to Investigate Themselves and Report Findings

If you think the Department of Justice is going to investigate themselves, you are sadly mistaken.


This headline really irritates me. It is from the Daily Signal: “Republican Lawmakers Demand Answers From Justice Department on Operation Choke Point.”

Thirty members of Congress demanded today that the Department of Justice launch an “immediate investigation” into the agency’s own Operation Choke Point and those involved in creating and implementing the initiative against enterprises that are out of favor with the Obama administration.

Led by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., the 30 lawmakers sent a letter to Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, and Robin Ashton, head of its Office of Professional Responsibility, calling Choke Point a “blatant abuse of legal authority.”

“This situation merits your full and immediate attention, and we request that you launch a comprehensive investigation on Operation Choke Point and the individuals charged with creating and carrying out this unprecedented initiative,” Luetkemeyer and the 29 other lawmakers write.

The letter from House members follows one sent to the Justice Department earlier this month by six Republican senators, demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder release information about Operation Choke Point.

In this context, the word “demanded” should be translated as “begged.” Thirty members of Congress are whining for the Department of Justice to begin an investigation. It is embarrassing to read their letter.

[See also, “Justice Department Harasses, Punishes, and Tries to Destroy Legal Businesses Through Banks.”]

As my friend Bob Allen wrote,

Yes, sir… lawmakers are “demanding answers”… and “calling” for the Justice Department to investigate its own criminality.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Hell to freeze over on this one.

That is exactly right. Congress needs to launch its own hearings, not pretend that a hostile executive agency is going to investigate itself at the behest of Congress.

[See also, “Executive Branch Bypasses Congress to Impose Financial Sanctions on… Legal Gun Dealers.”]

Asking Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to investigate themselves borders on delusional.

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Audience Heckles Obama, Then Leaves Early

While there is no denying that in Barack Hussein Obama’s first run for office he had a substantial support from across the spectrum. The majority of that was from those who considered him to be the first black president. They were fools for supporting him as they could have easily seen his sordid past and the Marxist worldview that he had if they had only taken time to do a little homework. However, within months, many of those same supporters began to abandon him and he has consistently lost support during his time in office as a usurper. That became clear on Sunday, when Maryland supporters not only heckled him, but walked out on him.

RT reports:

President Barack Obama, whose popularity ratings have hit record lows, failed to rally a crowd for a fellow Democratic candidate, as some audience members heckled and others left the venue in the middle of his speech.

Following a recent string of controversial presidential decisions – including the failure to secure the country’s southern border with Mexico as thousands of illegals are granted amnesty, and the mismanagement of the first deadly Ebola case to hit the mainland – it seems that Obama has even managed to alienate constituents of his own party.

This became apparent as the president was delivering a speech against the Republican Party, who are expected to give the Democrats a run for their money in the November 4 midterm elections.

One heckler that held up a sign that read #Not1More with reference to Obama’s illegal immigration policies, was escorted out.

Upon the heckler being removed, Obama said, “The problem is, I’m actually for immigration reform,” Obama asserted. “Of course, he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK.”

Clearly he could not represent the true intent of the demonstrator, who I might add was merely exercising a right that is protected under the First Amendment.

“Maryland, we have made progress,” Obama said, specifically mentioning his failed signature law, Obamacare. “Don’t let folks say otherwise.”

Obama was out trying to get out the vote for the mid-term elections that are just two weeks away. “You’ve got to vote,” he told the crowd.

“Go find your friends to vote,” he encouraged. “Get your cousin to vote. Get your uncle to vote.”

I’m surprised he didn’t say get foreigners.

Some in the audience expressed support for Hussein Obama, chanting, “Obama, Obama.” However, the numbers are telling as many Democrats don’t want to be seen with him as the time draws close to Election Day.

Remember, this is a guy that couldn’t fill an 18,000 seat auditorium, yet the media covered for him, even though there was entire sections of empty seats. His rally leading up to the 2012 election was pretty pitiful as well. In an Ohio venue that he drew 35,000 to in 2010, less than half of that number showed up to see him in 2012 and that even included entertainers like Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen.

More Americans are wondering why their rights are stymied at airports and other venues, while the golfer-in-chief allows the borders to be overrun, possible pandemics of Ebola to spread here without banning flights from Ebola-ridden countries, and overseeing a failing economy.

Meanwhile, Americans have been served up warmed over Marxist and Socialist rhetoric, bathroom bills, Islam, and “sodomy as normal” by this man. All of this has taken place while he has grabbed more power for the executive branch, aided America’s sworn enemies and threatened the very future of the United States as we know it.

However, consider that the majority of his crimes could have been held in check if Republicans would have only taken a stand and kept standing. They controlled the purse by their majority in the House. The failure to impeach, defund Obamacare, stand against the unconstitutional NSA spying, allow the corruption of the Department of Justice to continue unabated, and continued approval of Obama’s appointees shows both parties in both houses of Congress complicity in the lawless administration of Barack Obama.

Finally, consider that this man is guilty of multiple crimes against the Constitution and the people of the United States and that his administration is as well, including Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. Since this is the case, and it is evident that the emperor has no clothes, the question then falls to the American people, what will you do about it in November? Furthermore, what will you do about it after November?

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Demystifying Guns

Billy Johnson delves into about the irrational, media-fed, hysterical fear of guns that is prevalent in our society.

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‘Utopia’ reveals what happens to cities under ‘progressives’


The documentary film “There’s No Place Like Utopia” by Joel Gilbert shows Barack Obama as the wizard in an Oz-like story that reveals some surprises, at least surprises for some people.

Such as that Peggy Joseph, the Florida voter who became infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign for saying Barack Obama would “pay for my gas and my mortgage,” no longer supports him.

Or that an NBC affiliate in Denver refused to air a 30-second television spot promoting it because it didn’t follow rules for political advertisements.

Or that the promises made by Obama have not been kept.

“Obama has made promise after promise that have all turned out to be empty, all turned out to be lies,” said Gilbert. “The people I met who supported him were literally in dungeons in the witch’s castle, everything had changed for the worse – Detroit, South Side Chicago, Newark. Fifty years of progressive control over these cities demonstrated that no one was progressing, they were all regressing.”

The move was styled to take the viewers along on a journey of discovery across America, a style Gilbert chose to emulate the highly successful Michael Moore films.

In it, Gilbert depicts Barack Obama as “the Wizard” in the Land of Oz.

Order your copy of “There’s No Place Like Utopia” now.

But he noted, “The fundamental lesson of the Wizard of Oz is that there is no wizard.”

Its run began over the summer in theaters, and starting Tuesday the DVD will be available from the WND Superstore, in advance of other retail outlets that eventually will have it.

“WND has done such a great job covering my films over the last few years, I want WND readers to get the DVD before anyone else,” Gilbert explained.

The WND Superstore also continues to feature the Gilbert’s 2012 blockbuster Obama exposé “Dreams from my real father.”

The “Utopia” project reveals what is bad about amnesty for illegals for America’s black community, why for Democrats your dependence on the government is a good thing, and how Islam is being promoted in Detroit and other cities devastated by progressive policies.

Also, how American free speech is giving in to political correctness and what the “vast left-wing conspiracy” in America is today.

Gilbert travels from the ruins of Detroit to the slums of Chicago and from Denver’s illegal immigration invasion to Newark’s urban removal projects to pull back the curtain on what is happening in America.

It won’t be until Dec. 2 when “There’s No Place Like Utopia” is released nationally in other venues, and other formats such as Amazon On-Demand.

“Utopia” made its theatrical debut in Denver to sold out crowds on July 18. It was the highest grossing film per screen in America for the weekend of July 18-20.

Over Labor Day weekend, the film moved to three movie theaters in the Houston area, where it continued showing in theaters for three weeks

Featured in the film are commentaries from WND staff reporter and author Jerome R. Corsi, WND columnist and author Jack Cashill, as well as conservative author David Horowitz, and former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky.

Like Dorothy’s conclusion in the classic “Wizard of Oz,” that there’s no place like home, Gilbert analyzes the literal meaning of “Utopia” to argue, “There’s no place like Utopia.”

The Motion Picture Association of America, MPAA, gave “Utopia” a rating of PG-13, signifying patients are strongly cautioned that some content is not appropriate to children under 13, due to “some disturbing images.”

See the movie trailer:

Gilbert’s other films include “Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War and Obama’s Politics of Defeat” (2010) and “Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam” (2008).

“Atomic Jihad” won the Hudson Institute Film Festival in 2010.

WND reported earlier that Gilbert found Joseph, the infamous Florida voter.

“When I finally found her address, I knocked on her door and brought her a pair of ruby slippers. When I interviewed Peggy, I was astonished that Peggy explained that she was now anti-Obama. She told me, ‘He was not who we thought or expected him to be.’”

Joseph explained to Gilbert that after doing some research and listening more carefully to Obama, she realized he was a fraud, and “just like the Wizard of Oz, Obama has turned out to be nothing more than a man behind a curtain.”

Gilbert told WND his experience with Joseph was repeated many times over as he filmed his new documentary.

“In my journey through America in ‘There’s No Place Like Utopia,’ I met a lot of people living in horrible conditions, particularly African Americans, who I was surprised to learn were now staunch conservatives as a result of living in progressive-controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago and Newark,” Gilbert said.

“After 60 years of progressive politics in their cities, they understood very clearly that they had not been progressing but rather regressing all this time, and they were mad. They felt they had been used and tricked by Obama for their votes and that he never intended to keep any of his promises, just like the Wizard of Oz.”

Order your copy of “There’s No Place Like Utopia” now.


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