‘First day as NEA president’: Already getting cozy with the White House [pics]

Incoming National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen Garcia’s first day was spent on Air Force One, in the President’s limo, and at “Labor Fest” with the President. Is it any wonder we can’t get education reform that actually helps students?

Actually that’s the one subject he doesn’t need to read about.

Nobody likes a suck up.

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Microsoft Takes a Stand against U.S. Federal Government

It should surprise no one that Microsoft takes a stand. They are fighting for their life as a company.


I know some people who really despise Microsoft due to their use of intellectual property. They will insist the company is untrustworthy. But their opinion is based on specific knowledge that many others never bother to acquire. No matter what betrayals they have gotten away with, if any, they cannot afford to appear untrustworthy to their customer base.

The Federal Government is directly attacking Microsoft’s viability as a business. They are entrusted with private data by clients all over the world. Handing that over to the Federal Government would have extremely costly consequences to Microsoft.

Thus, we read in Windows IT Pro: “Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails to US Government.”

Despite a federal court order directing Microsoft to turn overseas-held email data to federal authorities, the software giant said Friday it will continue to withhold that information as it waits for the case to wind through the appeals process. The judge has now ordered both Microsoft and federal prosecutors to advise her how to proceed by next Friday, September 5.

Let there be no doubt that Microsoft’s actions in this controversial case are customer-centric. The firm isn’t just standing up to the US government on moral principles. It’s now defying a federal court order.

“Microsoft will not be turning over the email and plans to appeal,” a Microsoft statement notes. “Everyone agrees this case can and will proceed to the appeals court. This is simply about finding the appropriate procedure for that to happen.”

Judge Loretta Preska, the chief of the US District Court in Manhattan ruled on July 31 that Microsoft was required to hand over email messages stored in an Ireland data center to US prosecutors investigating a criminal case. But she suspended the order temporarily amid complaints from international companies—and tech companies in the US—that argued that allowing US authorities to search and seize data held internationally was illegal.

On Friday, however, she lifted that suspension after prosecutors successfully convinced her that her order was not appealable. The removal of the suspension legally requires Microsoft to hand over the email immediately.

This is the first time a technology company has resisted a US search warrant seeking data that is held outside the United States.

The legal basis for Microsoft’s refusal is simple: the U.S. Federal Government has agreements with Ireland to appeal the Irish government when it needs to search an Irish residence or business or any other part of Ireland. Microsoft does not believe it can simply hand over data stored in Ireland because the Federal government orders them to do so.

The NSA has already damaged American businesses abroad who are trying to maintain and win more foreign customers. Trying to grab data from the cloud on the basis of a U.S. warrant is not going to help American computer firms win trust.

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VA Scandal Continues: Sweetheart Auditor Assigned to Investigate Hospitals

Amid all the other horrible news, we can’t afford to forget about the VA scandal.

veterans affairs

The same government that punished whisteblowers for exposing how Veterans Affairs was failing our military is now displaying a new tactic—employing an investigator with a vested interest in making the VA look good.

It turns out that these hospitals, with their secret waiting lists and suffering ex-soldiers who never received a timely appointment, had in some cases been inspected. Somehow they passed these inspections.

So who do you think the VA has contracted to investigate the allegations against these VA hospitals?

Can you guess?

According to the Washington Free Beacon: “Auditor that Accredited VA Hospitals Where Patients Died to Review Same Hospitals.”

The same independent auditor who accredited Veterans Affairs hospitals where multiple patients died from delays in care—and in some cases named them as “top performers”—has been chosen by the VA to complete a new review of those same hospitals.

Earlier this month, new VA Secretary Robert McDonald announced that the Joint Commission, a hospital accreditor, would review scheduling practices across the VA system.

“VA is committed to instilling integrity into our scheduling practices to deliver the timely care that veterans deserve,” McDonald said in a statement. “It is important that our scheduling practices be reviewed by a respected, independent source to help restore trust in our system, and I’m grateful to the Joint Commission for taking on this critical task.”

So they chose the one auditor whose reputation is now under a cloud of suspicion because of the VA scandal? If they find fault with the scheduling practices of the hospitals, then the obvious question arises: Why did you accredit them in the first place? Why did you say some of them were “top performers”?

[T]he Joint Commission is the same auditor that accredited VA hospitals before the national scandal broke, and while hospitals were using secret waiting lists.


In a speech Tuesday at the 96th annual American Legion conference, McDonald continued to cite the Dorn Center’s “top performer” award.

It’s clear that somewhere along the line, some people’s behavior was at odds with VA’s mission and core values,” McDonald said. “The result was seen in the stark difference between receiving care at, say, one of our highest performing locations, like the medical center not far from here in Columbia, S.C.—and until recently, at Phoenix.”

“I just mentioned Columbia a moment ago,” McDonald continued. “I think it’s important to note that last year, The Joint Commission—which accredits and certifies health care organizations—named the William Jennings Bryan Dorn Medical Center there … and 31 other VA hospitals … as ‘Top Performers’ in its annual review of patient care.”

So the VA Secretary virtually admits that his inspector has been useless, at best, but does not seem to understand the import of his own words.

Even weirder, the Joint Commission sent a statement to the Daily Caller saying that the “top performer” award “does not indicate the level of service individual patients will receive.”

“The Top Performer on Key Quality Measures program is designed to inspire better performance on accountability measures, it is not a reflection of the overall care at an organization,” a commission spokeswoman said.

What an insane, Kafkaesque prison! A Federal agency with a mandate to help veterans pays money to auditors to produce measurements and tests that have nothing to do with helping veterans.

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Hezbollah Openly Supported in the Streets of Orlando

A recent video documents how Palestinian supporters in Orlando openly support a United States designated terrorist group called Hezbollah. Friends, these people are supporting our sworn enemies. I ask you, what does that make them?

These protestors gathered on “Jerusalem Day,” or in Arabic “al-Quds” Day, in July to express their support for the “Palestinians.” A brief synopsis of Al-Quds Day appears in the description of the video:

One can only assume the Orlando Muslim community knows very well what happens in Tehran on the last Friday of Ramadan since 1979.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini stole Yazdi’s idea, and on August 7, 1979, he declared the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan each year as Quds Day, in which Muslims worldwide would unite in solidarity against Israel and in support of the Palestinians.

Khomeini declared the liberation of Jerusalem a religious duty to all Muslims. Did you get that?? It is a religious duty not a political duty for all Muslims to rid the Middle East of Israel.

Everyone knows the liberation of Jerusalem means removing all Jews from Jerusalem and returning to the pre-1948 borders.

While they talk about freedom, they try to hide their anti-semitism and hatred of Jews.

The man with the bullhorn proclaims that they will gather every al-Qud’s Day, every year until oppression ends all over the world.

Interestingly, the cameraman catches what these Islamic supporters do when they think no one is looking. One of the people in the protest openly displays the Hezbollah flag and as the video is being taken another man is seen been pulled away by what appears to be his niece as she warns the man in Arabic, “Uncle, don’t talk with them. They are Jews.”

Then as the man who led the protest sees the other man who is holding the Hezbollah flag, he runs over and tells him, “Please don’t, they are recording.”

Hey, if you have nothing to hide, there should be no concern for video of the protest, right? After all, if we follow Obama’s claims, the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

Then the man who was told the people videoing were Jews asks, “Are you a couple of Jews of something, what do you want to know?”

When he was asked why he was carrying the Hezbollah flag, he answered, “Why? Because they are freedom fighters. The entire time he is speaking and answering questions, the protest leader keeps telling him not to talk to them.

The man filming says that they don’t want him speaking because he is “going off script.” He then asks him about Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah is a group,” he said. “They’re freedom fighters.”

He then, in Arabic, tells the protest leader to mind his own business and doesn’t seem bothered at all that his statements are being filmed.

“Hezbollah to us is a freedom fighter, but to you they are terrorists,” he added. “To us, they are freedom fighters from the occupation of so-called Israel.”

After displaying the flag again, he is asked why he supports Hezbollah and then the double talk comes into play.

“I don’t support Hezbollah, I support the freedom fighters. They are freedom fighters,” he declared.

So in one breath he says Hezbollah are freedom fighters and in the next he says he doesn’t support Hezbollah, but supports the freedom fighters. See kids, this is why good moms and dads teach you not to lie, because when you start lying it’s hard to keep up with them after a while and Islamists, of which I have no doubt this man is one, are skilled in the doctrine of taqiyya (deceiving).

As he turns to walk away, he’s asked his name, to which he responds Shimon Peres.

The author of the video also speaks about the deception of the protest. “What makes me sick are the leaders of this Orlando Rally were trying to deceive all Orlando non-Muslims by calling this a rally for freedom. The fact of the matter is this Quds Day rally represents the destruction of Israel. The two Hezbollah supporters were the only two honest people there who were acknowledging Iran and Hezbollah in their support for Hamas and the Palestinians.”

Not one of the participants stood against the Hezbollah supporters. In fact, it could be said that the apparent leader wanted to keep it secret and not have it videoed and documented what they are supporting.

Friends, here’s the question: Why were their no God-fearing American Christians beating these people down? Why was there no opposition drowning out their support for Islamic terrorists? Where are those who have fought against these militant Islamists overseas? Why is there no investigation into these people who support declared terrorists by the Obama administration? After all, the Obama administration has no problem targeting and investigating law abiding Americans who simply call for the Constitution to be obeyed. It’s probably because Obama is courting Hezbollah.

My friends, this is not the time to remain silent. It is a time to speak and to speak loudly. It is not a First Amendment issue either. It is a time to confront the domestic enemies of America who reside in her borders… the Islamists, the Communists, the Socialists, Fascists and the Marxists and call them out for what they are and drown out their voices. There is nothing for us to fear from these people. We have the power to stop Islam in its tracks here in America, if we will only exercise that power.

“Son of man, speak to the children of your people, and say to them: ‘When I bring the sword upon a land, and the people of the land take a man from their territory and make him their watchman, When he sees the sword coming upon the land, if he blows the trumpet and warns the people, then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning, if the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be on his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet, but did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself. But he who takes warning will save his life. But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.” –Ezekiel 33:2-6

Where are the courageous watchmen in Orlando?

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Swimmers Ignore Warning Shouts As ‘Massive’ Hammerhead Shark Hunts Just Feet From Them

(Content Warning: Language) YouTube user Scott McCains states: Large Hammerhead Shark comes way to close to people on beach in Destin, Fl. Filmed from penthouse of Silver Beach Towers. Aug, 24th 2014 about 9:30am. Near miss Shark attack! filmed by Scott McCain

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‘Bill Clinton would have fired Hillary’

DALLAS – Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., certainly seems to have no doubt Hillary Clinton will run for president, after delivering a number of pre-emptive broadsides on her fitness to hold the highest office in the land.

Speaking to the “Defending the American Dream Summit” sponsored by Americans for Prosperity over the weekend, Paul zeroed in on the one incident alone he believes disqualifies her: Benghazi.

Paul, who is widely considered to be preparing his own run for the White House, pointed to one mistake in particular he believed she made as secretary of state when terrorists overran the U.S. embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, and killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The senator said when Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Jan. 23, 2013, he asked her if she had read the numerous cables sent from Benghazi requesting more security in the weeks before the attack. “Cries for help,” he called them.

“She said, ‘Oh no, that wasn’t my job, that was the assistant’s job,’” recounted Paul.

He added, “For her to say she didn’t have time to read them, it was someone else’s job, it wasn’t her responsibility, is a dereliction of duty.”

The senator concluded that should disqualify Clinton from becoming president.

“If she wants to be commander in chief and she cannot protect our embassies … I think it precludes her from ever being commander in chief.”

Paul compared Benghazi to the Oct. 1993 incident in Mogadishu, Somalia, in which 18 American special operations forces died at the hand of terrorists, as was immortalized in the film “Black Hawk Down.”

The senator pointed out how the slaughter caused President Bill Clinton’s defense secretary, Les Aspen, to resign in disgrace.

“If Hillary Clinton had worked for Bill Clinton, she probably would have been fired,” Paul noted.

Paul said, of all the many scandals under President Obama, the one that sticks out the most in Benghazi.

He said Democrats may call the furor “political spin,” but politics includes determining whether decision-makers have the ability to be commander in chief.

“Decision after decision was made incorrectly,” according to the senator, with the worst being the one to guard the compound with only two Marines, as though it were Paris. “It was more like Baghdad,” he quipped.

Paul also blasted the administration for Obama’s admission that he had no strategy to deal with the terrorist army ISIS, which recently captured huge swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria.

Sarcastically, he asked rhetorically whether Gens. Patton, McArthur and Eisenhower ever would have engaged the enemy without a strategy?

Paul didn’t just go after the Obama administration, he targeted big government in general.

“The wheels of government have ground to a stop because we can’t do anything. We are so dysfunctional that we can’t pass legislation even when we agree on it. We are so dysfunctional that, even when we shut the government down, it costs more money to keep it closed than to open it again.”

He recalled how, during the government shut down last year when only “essential employees” were kept on the job, 90 percent of IRS workers and 95 percent of EPA workers were sent home, saying, “There’s a real lesson we can learn from this.”

Another lesson learned, he said, was how many government employees were wasting taxpayer dollars by downloading porn or running side-businesses on the job, or not even showing up for work, sometimes, for years.

“The definition of a dysfunctional government is you can’t fire anyone, even people who lie, cheat and steal and who don’t show up for work. It’s crazy.”

The likely presidential candidate also emphasized his focus on Fourth Amendment rights against government snooping by bluntly declaring, “It’s none of the government’s damn business what you do on your phone.”

He blasted the government’s contention that even a citizen’s credit-card bill is not protected by privacy rights. Paul noted that just the information on people’s spending habits could reveal much about their personal lives, such as whether they drink, smoke, or gamble and what kind of medications they take.

He said he had no problem with law enforcement gathering all that information on someone the government suspected of being a terrorist, if officers go to a judge and get a warrant.

But, he proclaimed, but, “I don’t want the government looking at the records of 300 million innocent Americans.”



For crying out loud: Army agency tweets ‘Happy Memorial Day’ on Labor Day

Program Executive Officer (PEO) Solider is the government agency responsible for acquiring everything a U.S. soldier wears or carries. You might think the person running PEO Soldier’s official Twitter account would know the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day. But no:

Good grief.

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Armed Woman Protects Herself from Would-be Abductors

When you hear that an armed woman protects herself you need to think of all the crimes that have happened against unarmed women.

WBNS-TV carried the story:

Dinah Burns is licensed to carry a concealed gun, but she’d only recently started taking her weapon while walking her dog.

Based on what happened, it looks like she’ll make a point of carrying from now on.

“I think if they’d gotten any closer, I probably would have fired,” said Burns.

It was Monday when Burns was on a footpath near Sanderson Elementary School.

“Two gentlemen came out of the woods, one holding a baseball bat, and said ‘You’re coming with us’.”

The men weren’t deterred by Dinah’s dog Gracie.

“I said, ‘Well, what do you want?,’ and as I was saying that I reached in to my pocket and slipped my gun out, slipped the safety off as I pulled it out.  As I was doing that the other gentleman came toward me and raised the baseball bat.  And, I pointed the gun at them and said, ‘I have this and I’m not afraid to use it.’”

Reading this account, I notice the detail that is missing from the story that I would love to see investigated: How many bullets did Burns’ gun hold? What if a gang of twelve had approached her and she lived in a state that only allowed ten or fewer bullets.

You never know what kind of situation you might face. The government certainly has no idea what you might face. They have no business limiting your options for defending yourself from a real threat.

Every time a person is wounded or killed by an armed person, the disarming Left portrays everyone who owns or believes in the private ownership of handgun as being personally responsible for the killing.

[See also, “Parents, Whom Barack Obama Has Not Yet Disarmed, Shoot Gunmen & Rescue Daughter.”]

So follow that logic!  If the NRA is guilty of all gun crime, then the disarmers are guilty of everything that happens to any unarmed victim of violence. Eric Holder and President Obama wish Dinah Burns had been at the mercy of those two men.

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Where the Black Flags Fly

Media conveys immediacy, but it doesn’t convey culture. Its famous flattening effect makes shoppers at a Staples in D.C. or a Whole Foods in Berkeley feel like they’re right among the toppled buildings of Aleppo or Gaza, without actually giving them any insight into the motivations of the players.

They’re watching foreign movies in a language that they don’t understand and attributing their own motivations to the main characters. They assume that the differences are incidental, but if the differences really were incidental, America would look a lot more like Iraq.

It’s been a while since Westerners lived in a society in which human life was truly worthless, in which no one trusted anyone else and it was easier to kill than not to kill.

Outside of a few urban centers in the Middle East where the elites start the revolutions that end up stringing them from the gallows, life is cheap and worthless. Men kill their wives and daughters over petty suspicions. Clans murder each other in vicious brawls. Wedding celebrations begin with firing guns into the air and end with bodies on the ground.

Everything is worth more than people. A camel has value. A pickup truck has value. A smartphone has value. All these things are hard to make.

People are easy to make.

The birth rates are high. Everywhere there are too many people. Too many sons to inherit. Too many daughters to marry off.  

The UN and a whole bunch of international organizations slop in enough aid to keep hunger and disease away, but not enough to make life livable or worthwhile. The wealthy have satellite dishes on which they watch American reality shows and Turkish soaps. The poor kidnap them and hold them for ransom. It’s not just life in the Middle East. It’s the whole Third World experience. 

About the only reliable source of wealth comes out of the ground and the countries that have it are usually too lazy to get it themselves. That’s what the armies of Western engineers are for. They don’t build their own skyscrapers with the oil money. That’s what the disposable Asian workers are for. 

Killing is the easiest solution to most problems. Men kill over honor. Women kill themselves out of desperation. Children grow up torturing animals.

Clerics settle religious questions with murder. It’s just easier that way.

Theological debates are complicated and impossible to settle, but fly the black flags, seize a village, kill the men and force the women to convert to the true faith of the machine gun and the sword and the debate is over.

ISIS is how Islam has been settling questions of theology since the 7th century. Why stop now just because you can order takeout from your smartphone? Westerners are innately fascinated by new technology. For the Middle East, technology is a tool for settling medieval disputes. Twitter is just a way of showing off your latest crop of severed heads. The pickup truck substitutes for a camel.

Politicians settle political debates with more murders. Elections are complicated. Democracy is messy. It’s easier for a colonel to take everyone out back and shoot them. And then spend the next twenty years building palaces with his people’s wealth. And the people mostly like it that way too. 

The question isn’t why should they kill, it’s why should they stop? The peace proposals never get anywhere. If you reward violence with concessions, there’s no reason for it to ever stop.  And if you don’t, what else is there to do?

When life is worthless, everyone has a gun and a grudge, it’s easier to kill than not to kill. You can see that phenomenon as readily in Chicago as in Iraq. Why not shoot the guy next door because he owes you money, because your daughter looked at him twice, because he’s on your turf or because he’s a Kurd.

Or because it’s Thursday.

Under crowded conditions, life is cheap but honor is expensive. Fights start over the pettiest things and escalate into relentless violence. You can see it in Yemen or in Ferguson. Everyone is just waiting for an excuse to be angry about something and to take it out on someone else.

The Western Urbanites who helicopter parent their 2.5 children into a Prozac prescription and lament their disposable society don’t understand what a truly disposable society looks like even though they probably live less than a mile away from one of those.

In a disposable society, people have no value. Children have no value. Human labor has no value. If you want something done, you force someone to do it. If you can’t have your own slaves, you can control an extended family. You don’t think in terms of what it costs to make something. The only cost that matters is the cost of imports. Everything else is inhumanely cheap.

Emotional reactions always trump rational ones. Everyone feels put upon and slighted from the biggest prince to the lowliest laborer. Everyone is filled with resentments that they channel through the Koran and the mad preachings of Islamic clerics promising holy wars and blaming everything on the CIA, the Freemasons and the Jews.

When it gets hot enough, the killings begin and they usually don’t stop until the weather cools down. The black flags fly. The yellow flags fly. The green flags fly. And you can either play the game or get beheaded on the evening news.

Maybe both.

There’s no morality out here. The men are careful not to look at a donkey or a woman while praying to Allah. But they have no sense of ethics. They will casually kill, steal, rape, break oaths and a commit a hundred other crimes before breakfast.

If you’re not a member of their family, you’re fair game. If you are, you had better know your place and help with the stealing, kidnapping and assorted economic empowerment projects.

Killing is easy. Self-control is hard. If there’s no accountability, no local bigshot that wants infidel tourists and their dollars and will make the killer’s family suffer, then he has no reason not to beat you, steal from you or drag you into a home in some slum somewhere and wait for the fabled wealthy infidels to pay him a king’s ransom.

If not he can always cut off your head to raise the price on the next one.

His life is cheap, but yours is even cheaper.

It’s best to understand that we are not dealing with a moral code that looks anything like our own. The nastier qualities of human nature, deceit, violence and greed, are practically virtues. Especially if they are directed at the right targets.

There’s a reason that Islam was born here. There’s a reason that it still thrives here largely in its unaltered form. There is no civilization where the black flags fly.


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‘Will You Shut Up?!’: Fox Guest Goes Ballistic on ‘Moron’ Michelle Fields Over Negotiating With Terrorists

Eric Bolling’s Saturday morning Fox News show Cashin’ In got off to a heated start this week as former M*A*S*H cast member and frequent guest Wayne Rogers threw down with Fox contributor Michelle Fields over the question of paying ransom to terrorists. “All you do when you do that is encourage them to do more…

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