Why Does a Florida County Need Eight $18 Million Helicopters?

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by Dean Garrison http://www.dcclothesline.com


Earlier this week we published a link to an online database where you can look to see what kind of military equipment your local county is stockpiling. Several other publications have linked to this database as well. I heard from a couple of people that it might not be a 100% comprehensive list, but others are discovering that, whether it is comprehensive or not, there is a lot to be learned from looking in that database.

Imagine looking and finding out that your county police bought 8 Apache Helicopters and had done so over three years ago. That is exactly the experience from one person whosearched the database for purchases in Brevard County, Florida.

brevard county apaches

$ 144 Million dollars worth of Apache helicopters and all within a span of about 45 days.


I find this information particularly interesting because, if you remember, back in April there was a major controversy over our government wanting to confiscate all 192 Apaches that were held by National Guard units around the country. To add insult to injury, the Obama Administration was promising 10 new Apaches to Egypt at the same time. Here’s an excerpt from Tim Brown’s report in April:

It has just come to my attention that the treasonous Obama administration just pledged 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt on Tuesday. Where do you suppose those Apaches will come from? RT reports:

Delivery of the choppers is intended to aid in counterterrorism operations, the Pentagon said in a statement Wednesday, but comes only months after the US first suspended military aid to Egypt after the country’s interim government began harshlycracking down on dissidents and protesters.

“We believe these new helicopters will help the Egyptian government counter extremists who threaten US, Egyptian and Israeli security,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said.

Taking Egypt out of the equation, there is still a question that needs to be answered.

Are local police departments becoming more well militarized than even our National Guard?

It’s a fair question and this trend has been in play for quite some time. Below is a video of an Apache in action.

Why would Brevard need 8 of these?

Or for that matter, why would they even need one?

I should note that I have not been able to verify the claim that those purchases were Apache helicopters. However, there are only so many 18 million dollar helicopters. I have no reason to doubt the story as it was presented.

If you would like to check out what kind of equipment your county police departments have been purchasing, there is a link to the database in this article.

***Author’s Update 6:00 PM: After publishing this article I found some time to do some more comparison shopping and there is no way that I can verify that these are in fact Apache Helicopters. New Apaches cost upwards of $ 50 Million. In 2011 that number would have been somewhat less and they could have been used equipment so it is still very possible. I found some old numbers earlier in the neighborhood of 15 million but new 2013/2014 prices are nowhere near that low. Let’s just take this information on the premise of this county spending 144 million dollars on eight helicopters. Whether they are Apaches or something somewhat less lethal, it is still quite the expenditure for a single county in the span of less than two months. There are some military grade helicopters that can be had new for $ 18 million even in 2014. So even if they are something different, they are likely something very unorthodox for police to be flying on the taxpayer’s dime. Chances are VERY GOOD that these are military grade helicopters. ***End of Update***

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What Happens if ISIS Attacks in Tennessee? A Second Amendment Response

Here is a story of ISIS attacks stopped in Australia.

From CBSNews.com: “Cops in Australia: We Thwarted Grisly ISIS Plot.”

flag pistol

Counterterrorism raids in Sydney on Thursday were sparked by security intelligence that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was planning a random, violent attack in Australia as a demonstration of its reach, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.

About 800 Australian police officers were involved in what was the country’s largest counterterrorism operation, Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin said. Authorities detained 15 people and raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney.

Abbott said he had been briefed on Wednesday night about the operation, which was prompted by information that an ISIS (also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL) leader in the Middle East was calling on Australian supporters to carry out killings.

Abbott was asked about reports that the people detained were planning to publicly behead a random person in Sydney.

“That’s the intelligence we received,” he told reporters. “The exhortations – quite direct exhortations – were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country.”

WWTN-FM “Nashville Morning News” host, Ralph Bristol, was talking about this story Thursday morning. While he was asking for listener feedback a woman called and basically said,

“This is a message to ISIS, and all other terrorist scum: Go ahead and show up here, because the moment I see you I’ll put a bullet in your head.”

Ha! It was a quintessentially Tennessee moment.

Seriously, my guess is that more and more people will arm themselves, given threats like this. If terrorists are smart (and many aren’t!) they’ll pick targets with strong gun control laws that make their victims defenseless.

But I have a thought for all Americans in all states in the Union. You don’t need to go full-auto paranoia, but please—please—when you’re in public, keep a heightened level of awareness in regards to people and groups around you.

Don’t become a statistic for the news.

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IRS Chief Says he Wants Closure to Lerner Email Investigation – But Does He Really?

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told reporters that he wanted to find Lois Lerner’s alleged “missing email” because he wanted “closure” on the issue.

According to WND, Koskinen made statements to that effect before going before the House Oversight Subcommittee.

Gary Kant reports:

He also claimed he wasn’t aware of any system-wide backup consisting of 760 servers that might contain Lerner’s emails, which Judicial Watch said it had learned of in documents obtained with a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request.

When asked why Lerner’s Blackberry, containing all of her emails, was wiped clean even after she and the IRS came under suspicion for abusing their power and targeting the president’s critics, Koskinen said it was just disposed of under standard IRS recycling procedures because it had become obsolete and was replaced.

Koskinen also told WND Lerner’s Blackberry would not have held all of the emails in her office computer, just those accessed.

After the IRS chief gave the same explanations to the subcommittee looking into the scandal, Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, blasted Koskinen, accusing the IRS and the Obama administration of issuing a constant stream of “false and misleading statements.”

Jordan and his fellow Republicans on the committee did not severely challenge Koskinen’s explanations regarding the servers and Blackberry. But they repeatedly expressed exasperation over learning testimony had been untrue after new revelations had come to light, time and again.

Jordan reeled off a list that included:

  • Assurances the IRS was not targeting conservatives
  • Lerner’s assertion the targeting was part of the ordinary review process
  • Lerner blaming the targeting on employees in the Cincinnati office
  • Former White House spokesman Jay Carney blaming the targeting on “lying” Cincinnati employees
  • And, President Obama blaming the entire scandal on a “bonehead” decision by a Cincinnati employee

Though Koskinen admitted twice that the federal agency did target conservatives, but it wasn’t limited to the Cincinnati office.

Koskinen had said back in July, “There are some people who don’t want a straight story. They don’t want this to end.”

Jordan then questioned him about who “they” referred to and the IRS chief blew it off as “a general statement, no one in particular.” Clearly Jordan seemed frustrated since he also pointed out that Koskinen had sponsored a bill that called for a special prosecutor.

Let’s be clear here. This man is heading the Internal Revenue Service. If he can’t get hold of these “lost emails,” which everyone knows is a bogus claim, then who can? Mr. Koskinen, by simple logic here, is continuing to play a game. The reason that “they” (whoever that is) want these hearings to continue is because they will never get anything from them. People will continue to be outraged, it will make for good political banter as the mid-term elections come upon us and no one will ever produce anything. In fact, no one will lose their job and no one will go to jail. Why? Because there is corruption in Washington.

There is no question that House panel voted to hold her in contempt of Congress, and there is no question that she stood before an investigative committee declared her innocence, pointed the blame at others and then said she would plead the Fifth. Then, she did it again. She was chastised for it by members of Congress and yet, nothing has really come of it because of spineless, lawless elected officials. In fact, her punishment is a nice retirement with full pension.

Remember Eric Holder? Congress also voted to hold him in contempt…over two years ago! Meanwhile, a lawsuit lingers in court to do something to make that vote stick because the Justice Department said they would not prosecute him. Imagine that!

We know that Lerner’s emails could be easily accessed. We know that she printed some of them out. If Koskinen really wanted closure in this matter, he could get it in a matter of minutes, but we all know why he isn’t bringing it forward. It would bring more embarrassment and possibly expose more criminal activity in this administration. We know that Lerner was involved in providing tax exempt status to terrorist supporting organizations, including Barack Obama’s own foundation.

While the story in the media has been that many hard drives have crashed, one needs to understand that emails do not require those hard drives. They are sent from one person to another and as we discovered, the IRS had an outside source that backed those emails up. Additionally, the DOJ has admitted the emails exist, so why is this moving along a slow track to nowhere?

There has been talk of arresting Lois Lerner. There was talk of arresting Eric Holder. So far, nothing has been done.

Justice in this matter should be simple and swift, but not when there is corruption all around.

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ISIS Releases New Video Threatening The U.S. But Obama Won’t Say We’re At War

Not even a week after Obama’s speech announcing plans to send non-combat troops to respond to the threat of ISIS, the terror group replied by releasing the above – rather cheesy – video. In the movie-trailer style video called “Flames of War,” ISIS featured the killing of American troops and civilians, mocking of Obama, and…

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Marine vets walk 300 miles to free Tahmooressi

(Washington Times) Two former Marines — Lance Cpl. Terry Sharpe and fellow Marine Allen Brown – have taken their plea to free Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi to the streets, walking nearly 300 miles to Washington to petition President Obama in person.

They’re about 100 miles shy of hitting the capital city, they told Fox News’ Greta van Susteren.



‘National treasure’! Mark Knoller flexes creative muscles, takes poetic shot at WH

We couldn’t agree more.

Earlier today, Michelle Obama hosted a White House event for the newest group of National Student Poets. And, well, that inspired CBS News’ Mark Knoller to explore his artistic side.

What resulted was a masterpiece:

Bra-vo, sir!

He should definitely keep his options open.

And his poetry’s a pleasure.



Twitchy coverage of Mark Knoller

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Let your kids play alone in the park: “A CPS officer asked my 12-year-old if he had ever done drugs or alcohol. She asked my 8-year-old daughter if she had ever seen movies with people’s private parts, so my daughter, who didn’t know that things like that exist, does now”

We Are Change

By Heather Wilhelm http://www.realclearpolitics.com

A few years ago, when my husband and I lived in the Chicago area, we joined a Bible study group through our church. It was a nice, well-mannered, cordial collection of eight couples who met monthly for dinner and discussion. Upon reflection, our approach was a little unorthodox. After about five to 10 minutes of valiant attempts to stay on topic, we would inevitably drift into wild conversational territory light-years away from the Bible passage at hand. Did I mention we served wine with dinner?

One particularly memorable session, hosted at our house, involved my husband demanding an up-or-down vote on whether or not America was becoming “a fascist police state.” Some people laughed. A few looked horrified. I think I reached for more wine. But as I recall, two voters at that table shot their hands up, ramrod straight, smiles absent, within milliseconds.

I was reminded of the Great Presbyterian Fascist Police State Vote this week when I read the story of Kari Anne Roy, an Austin children’s book author whose recent run-in with Child Protective Services rivals a scene in a George Orwell novel. Roy reports that she let her 6-year-old play outside, by himself, within sight of her house. Within about 10 minutes, her doorbell rang: It was a woman she didn’t know, wearing sunglasses, with Roy’s son in tow. She was “returning” him to safety, served with a side dish of neighborly scorn.

I’ll interrupt this story to admit that I am a bit of a paranoid helicopter parent. I have not yet let my kids play outside alone. However, due to my vigilant training, I would hope that my kids would run screaming from a sunglass-faced stranger getting all up in their business. In this instance, Roy’s son might have been wise to do the same: That “helpful” neighbor ended up calling the police, who visited Roy that same day. Child Protective Services paid a visit the following week.

What unfolded then was a bit of a horror show: A CPS officer interviewed each of Roy’s children, alone. “She asked my 12-year-old if he had ever done drugs or alcohol. She asked my 8-year-old daughter if she had ever seen movies with people’s private parts, so my daughter, who didn’t know that things like that exist, does now,” Roy told Lenore Skenazy, who wrote about the incident at Reason. “Thank you, CPS.”

So, there you have it, folks: childhood innocence, shattered, courtesy of your local government. Roy notes that her son cried himself to sleep the night of the incident, fearing that “someone was going to call the police because it was past bedtime and he was still awake”—and hey, after the way his day went, that seems like a pretty reasonable concern. He’s lucky OSHA didn’t show up to examine his blankie for dust mites.

Kari Anne Roy and her family got a very real and very unfortunate introduction to our growing police state. It’s a state that normal people increasingly brush elbows with on a day-to-day basis—and those elbows, it should be noted, are becoming absurdly sharp.

This week, as writer Kevin Williamson noted at the National Review, “Los Angeles Unified School District police officials are considering whether they need the armored vehicle and grenade launchers they received from the U.S. military.” Please, everyone, take the time to re-read and digest that sentence. It is a real sentence. It involves grenade launchers used as back-to-school supplies. How are we not rebelling?

“Answer your own question, lady,” you might be thinking. “You’re the one writing the column.” OK, fair enough. We aren’t rebelling, I would argue, because we’ve slowly gotten used to it. The creeping American police state has made us believe it is normal, not insane.

Reflecting on Ms. Roy’s run-in with Child Protective Services, it’s worth noting that she didn’t know the neighbor who turned her in. If you read up on similar cases, that variable shows up again and again. With this in mind, perhaps the first step to fighting America’s creeping police state—right after reviewing your Fourth Amendment rights—is simple: Get to know your neighbors, and get involved in your community. Friends rarely call the cops as a first resort. Alienated strangers often do—and isolated, atomized communities are often the first to hand over authority to a faceless, overpowering state.


Heather Wilhelm is a writer based in Austin, Texas. http://www.heatherwilhelm.com/

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What Does Regular Pepsi Have to Do with the Declaration of Independence?

Selling regular Pepsi can put you in strange company—like that of the Founding Fathers, the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

dealing pepsi

To see what I mean, take a look at this quiz, “How Much Do You Know about Liberty?” from the Foundation for Economic Education. Note especially the second question:

Which great American patriot was called the “Prince of Smugglers”?

Here is the answer:

John Hancock (1737-1793), the resourceful Boston merchant who defied British mercantilist restrictions and, with his sloop Liberty, smuggled cloth, hardware, coal, wine, tea, and other contraband. He led protests against British taxes. Hancock was president of the Second Continental Congress, the first elected governor of Massachusetts, and the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Reportedly, a quarter of the signers were smugglers.

What does that have to do with regular Pepsi?

I refer to regular Pepsi as opposed to diet Pepsi. Here’s a story about it from the Daily News: “Canadian teen suspended from school for selling Pepsi out of his locker.”

A Canadian high school student was suspended for dealing cans of Pepsi from out of his locker.

Keenan Shaw was banned from attending Winston Churchill High School in Lethbridge, Alberta, for two days last week after educators rumbled his booming bootlegging operation.

The 17-year-old was told his blossoming business “violated the school’s nutrition and marketing policies” — which bans sugary sodas from being sold on campus.

He was also warned about operating a company without a license and told he will be expelled if he flouts the rules on his return.

A furious Shaw said he was stunned at the “over-the-top” punishment — especially, he claims, when more illicit deals are going down on school property at the same time.

“I’m not going to name any names, but I know a couple of people selling marijuana,” he told CBC News. “There’s kids selling smokes, there was a kid last year selling meth, as well as a kid selling acid.”

I realize that this is a story from Canada. But we know it is only a matter of time before a student is caught starting a school business by smuggling food to school that Michelle Obama prohibits.

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US Army: Winter Weather Provides Ideal Conditions for Ebola to go Airborne

There is lot of debate in the blogosphere about whether Ebola is an airborne virus. We have previously highlighted the Canadian independent study, in which it was shown that pigs could pass Ebola to monkeys without physical contact. We have also featured the CDC release which clearly warned of infectious material through the air and urged that precautionary steps be taken in the commercial airline industry.

Still, no one seems to be willing to go on record and admit what many already suspect, that Ebola is in fact an airborne transmissible disease.

The latest information comes in the form of a research report and video from “Pissin on the Roses” blog. The gathered information would seem to suggest that the chances of Ebola going airborne are going to be greatest this winter.

Here is the video description:

According to the Center for Aerobiological Sciences, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland:

(1) Ebola has an aerosol stability that is comparable to Influenza-A

(2) Much like Flu, Airborne Ebola transmissions need Winter type conditions to maximize Aerosol infection

“Filoviruses, which are classified as Category A Bioterrorism Agents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA), have stability in aerosol form comparable to other lipid containing viruses such as influenza A virus, a low infectious dose by the aerosol route (less than 10 PFU) in NHPs, and case fatality rates as high as ~90% .”
“The mode of acquisition of viral infection in index cases is usually unknown. Secondary transmission of filovirus infection is typically thought to occur by direct contact with infected persons or infected blood or tissues. There is no strong evidence of secondary transmission by the aerosol route in African filovirus outbreaks. However, aerosol transmission is thought to be possible and may occur in conditions of lower temperature and humidity which may not have been factors in outbreaks in warmer climates [13]. At the very least, the potential exists for aerosol transmission, given that virus is detected in bodily secretions, the pulmonary alveolar interstitial cells, and within lung spaces”

Its clear that when Ebola is in the air it is at least as hardy as Influenza. Its also clear that coughing and sneezing is what makes Influenza airborne; the same should be expected of Ebola.

Moreover, just as sun, heat, and humidity along the Earths’ Equatorial regions serve to ‘burn’ Influenza out of the air, the same should be expected of Ebola. The difference with Ebola is that physical contact with even the tiniest amounts of infected bodily fluid can cause infection, hence unlike flu it also readily spreads in equatorial regions. When Ebola spreads to the regions of the Earth which experience Fall and Winter Flu seasons, airborne Ebola infectious routes are to be expected in conjunction with direct contact infection.

Ebola has the capability to infect pretty much every cell in the entire human respiratory tract. Similarly, our skin offers little resistance to even the smallest amounts of Ebola. How much airborne transmission will occur will be a function of how well Ebola induces coughing and sneezing in its victims in cold weather climates. Coughing and nasal bleeding are both reported symptoms in Africa, so the worst should be expected. In that regard, co-infections with Flu, Cold, or even seasonal Allergies will readily transform Ebola victims into biowarefare factories.

Unlike Flu, a person need not inhale airborne Ebola to be infected via airborne transmission. Merely walking through an airspace (or touching the objects therein) where an Ebola victim has coughed or sneezed is potentially enough for a cold weather infection to occur. As such, all indicators are that Ebola’s potential rate of infectious spread in cold weather climates is EXPLOSIVELY greater than what is occurring in Equatorial Africa

Given that the experts are keenly aware that most mutations lead to viral dead ends and given the ARMY’s public research documents make such a clear case that the Ebola airborne risk is here and now, the question remains: why are the experts pushing a “future mutation” fear on the public?

The primary benefits of the media mutation gambit are:

1) When the public becomes aware Ebola is airborne, the public will default to blaming a mutation rather blaming the experts for having prior knowledge of Ebola’s transmissability

2) A scary future fear makes for great immediate fund raising from a public seeking to avoid it.

3) The expert clique comes down hard on experts that do anything which is perceived to immediately raise public fear, an accurate warning to the public can immediately negatively affect a forthright expert’s budget and prestige

4) Public knowledge of imminent Public Health threats negatively affects supply chains and the logistics planned responses

The next time some expert pushes the Ebola mutation risk ask them to specify exactly what mutations would be required to do as they claim. When they refuse, ask why experts spelled out the mutation steps of Avian Influenza and why they won’t for Ebola. The answer is: Ebola can already infect pretty much every cell in the human respiratory system.

For those who want to do further research, here are the source links that POTR provides:







Whether you agree with this interpretation, or not, it would be wise to be prepared to make it through a potentially rough winter. Thinking you are smart enough to “out think” the virus is not wise. After all, things have been somewhat unpredictable thus far.

I don’t care if it was man-made or if the scare is an attempt to make money through vaccinesThe disease is real and very deadly. Current mortality rates are over 50%.

You should be prepared to self-quarantine to keep your family safe. Even if Ebola does not hit America this winter, there are plenty of other threats, including the respiratory illness that has been sweeping across the country and infecting America’s children.

I would urge you to have a talk with your family and think about common sense preparations for this winter. We are loading up on more water and non-perishable food. If money is tight, as it is for most, simply do what we are doing. Prioritize things that you will use anyway. We are getting things like extra diapers and non-perishable foods that we won’t mind eating even if there is no outbreak. It doesn’t have to hurt financially if you buy things that you will use anyway. Please do something. This is no time to roll the dice.


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Andrew Klavan: Is ISIS Islamic?

In which our intrepid host, Andrew Klavan, employs a crack team of investigators to determine if President Obama is correct when he declares that the terror group ISIS is not, in fact, Islamic.

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