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Porn Use Is Having a Major Impact on Young Men and Marriage, Researchers Claim – Stories

What This Christian Politician Said During a Hanukkah Menorah Lighting Ceremony Is Raising Some Eyebrows

“I thought it added something to the service, it didn’t take away.” – Stories

EU Court Rules Hamas Should Be Removed from Terrorism Blacklist — Here’s the Reasoning They Gave

“As far as Israel is concerned, Hamas is a terror organization … a very dark and dangerous terror organization.” – Stories

Church Unveils Fiery Billboard Message About Santa Claus Just Days Before Christmas — and See Why the Pastor Is Comparing Him to Satan

“Santa Claus is robbing Christ of his glory.” – Stories

Reports: Police Seal Off Area After Armed Men Seen Entering Apartment Building in Belgium

“This isn’t the same sort of incident as the events in Sydney.” – Stories

An Auburn Football Player Was Just Shot and Killed – Stories

Mother ‘Just Started Yelling’ At Store Clerks When She Discovered the Item Her Boy Got From Vending Machine

I’m like ‘why is this here?’” – Stories

China Recoils on Transparency at Climate Conference, but Obama Administration Still Confident in Deal

“We’ve known all along this was trust but don’t verify.” – Stories

Republicans Just Lost Their Last Chance to Defund Obama’s Immigration Move This Year

“We are, whether we like it or not, on a timetable…” – Stories

Congress’s Huge $1T Spending Bill Puts no Limits on Obama’s Immigration Action

“…essential security functions for the next few months…” – Stories

After Nightmare Ordeal, Justina Pelletier Is Back in the Hospital

“There’s no psychological cause. Never has been and never is.” – Stories

Tragic: 6-Week-Old Among Five Killed in House Fire

“I lost my mother-in-law, I lost my niece, I lost my cousin.” – Stories

Police: SUV Involved in Teen’s Death Displayed Anti-Muslim Message in Rear Window

The SUV had been seen in the area by patrol officers in late October with a message that compared the Koran to the Ebola virus. – Stories

Obama Meets Face-to-Face With Newly Elected Governors to Discuss Immigration Issues

“That happens best when we work together.” – Stories

NRA-Endorsed Incoming GOP Governor Will Keep State’s Sweeping Gun Control Law – Stories

Report: Iranian Gov’t May Be Behind Global Cyberattack Campaign

“…to establish a foothold in the world’s critical infrastructure.” – Stories

FBI Looking Into Hack of Sony Pictures’ Computers – Stories