Video Captures Teens Hitching Wild Ride on the Back of Semi Going 45 MPH

A pair of Boston teens were spotted in a dangerous stunt Thursday as they clung to the back of a semi-truck going down the highway.

KHOU-TV reported witnesses estimating the truck was going about 45 miles per hour as the teens hung on, unbeknown to the truck driver.

teens on semi

Teens clung to the back of a semi that was on the interstate in Boston. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Evan Krometis told KLTV he couldn’t believe his eyes at first.

“I looked a little closer and there were two people hanging on the back of it. It seemed a little bit strange so I switched lanes and pulled up a little bit closer and it looks like two teenagers who had hitched a ride somewhere,” Krometis said.

Other drivers, according to Krometis, were moving slower than usual around the truck and even pulled alongside it trying to get the driver’s attention.

teens on semi

When the truck eventually slowed, the teens jumped off. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

“Eventually he knew something was up, I’m sure he didn’t know what,” Krometis told KLTV, noting that although the truck driver never stopped, he did slow down, which is when the teens hopped off.

Watch KLTV’s report:, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

Here is footage taken from a cellphone of the dangerous ride:

State police told KLTV there were no 911 calls made of the incident.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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