Here’s What a Ticked Off Sarah Palin Had to Say to Bill Maher After He Allegedly Referred to Her Special Needs Son as ‘Retarded’

Comedian Bill Maher brought the wrath of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin upon himself when he reportedly referred to her special needs son as “retarded” during a comedy show at the Palms in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Former Las Vegas TV personality Ron Futrell claims he was escorted out of the event after he confronted Maher several times during the show at some point after the tasteless joke about Trig Palin.

“I’ve got a son with special needs,” Futrell told the Review-Journal. “It didn’t surprise me that Maher said it. It surprised me that a lot of people laughed at that joke.”

After learning about Maher’s so-called “joke,” Palin went after Maher on Twitter.

“Hey bully, on behalf of all kids whom you hatefully mock in order to make yourself feel big, I hope one flattens your lily white wimpy a#*,” Palin wrote.

“I’m in your neck of the woods this weekend, little Bill. Care to meet so I can tell you how I really feel?” she added.

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.
There was a problem connecting to Twitter.


Something tells us Maher won’t accept Palin’s invitation.

Sarah Palin Goes After Bill Maher for Calling Trig Retarded During Comedy Act


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