Our Troops’ Hidden Wounds: Addressing the Soldier Suicide Epidemic

Veteran suicides have been on the rise over the last decade, as the VA reports suicides grew from an estimated 7,3000 suicides in 2000 to 8,030 in 2010, 20 to 22 per day. In first six months of 2012, nearly one active U.S. soldier a day committed suicide. The nonprofit Stop Soldier Suicide was formed by ex-Army and Active-Duty soldiers in 2010 to curb these statists to zero, and bring attention to the growing suicide epidemic among active and veteran service members.

The organization is building a 24/7 Contact Center for soldiers and veterans or family members to talk with peers and be connected with appropriate assistance, provides relief to service members using the LifeCycle of Care model, and supports partner organizations whose mission is directly related to helping service members whose needs could possibly lead to suicide.

Former Army Captain and Stop Soldier Suicide Founder Brian Kinsella joined ‘Wilkow!‘ Friday to discuss his group’s work and the mental health issues that have become a huge problem in our armed services leading to the suicide epidemic. In the interview Kinsella notes that the veteran suicide rate is 10% higher than civilians, and men over 50 make up more than 60% of the suicide victims.

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