Here’s What the Futuristic ‘Terminator’ Arm Prosthetic Can Do

Prosthetics might generally be thought of as clunky and a hindrance, but thanks to modern technology this is not the case for many of them. And it’s certainly not the case for the futuristic, “Terminator”-like arm by BeBionic.

We reported on the ins and outs of the BeBionic3 technology last year, but one of the recipients of the prosthetic, Nigel Ackland, continues shooting videos to show how the arm helps him perform everyday tasks. When you consider how beneficial it is to have flexible fingers for tying shoelaces or those than can come together close enough grasp thin objects like cards in a deck, it’s amazing what the 53-year-old is able to do with the BeBionic3.

Nigel Ackland Shows Off What BeBionic 3 Prosthetic Can Do

(Image: YouTube/SWNS TV screenshot)

“It’s just the little things that you would normally take for granted,” Ackland said in the video taken by SWNS TV.

And to answer the question of a gentleman in Hungary, yes, he can do the rock-and-roll symbol.

Nigel Ackland Shows Off What BeBionic 3 Prosthetic Can Do

(Image: YouTube/SWNS TV screenshot)

If you care to know how much easier life is with two hands, Ackland suggests, next time you try getting dressed, put your pants on using only one hand.

Watch the SWNS TV footage with Ackland showing off more of what the prosthetic, which senses muscle twitches in his arm, can do:


(H/T: GeekOSystem)

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