What Was Found Inside a Store-Bought Birthday Cake That Ruined a Child’s Party?

Blowing out the candles and slicing into a heavily frosted store-bought cake is the highlight of many a child’s birthday party. For a boy in Maine though, cutting into the cake put a damper on the whole affair.

According to WGME 13, the 2-year-old’s father Nathan Bibeau of Lewiston was cutting into the Elmo-themed birthday cake purchased from Walmart when half-way through he saw a blade poking out from under the cake.

Maine Father Finds Knife in Walmart Purchased Birthday Cake

(Image: WGME screenshot)

Bibeau said he contacted Walmart in Auburn immediately upon discovering a knife underneath the sheet-style cake but told WGME it ruined the festive atmosphere of the party.

“People started leaving and the family was pretty upset,” Bibeau said. “We’re not going to get that second birthday back ever.”

Maine Father Finds Knife in Walmart Purchased Birthday Cake

(Image: WGME screenshot)

Bibeau also told WGME he has been in contact with a lawyer, considering legal action, but that he “won’t hold a grudge” and will still shop at the store. He understands that mistakes can happen, but a mistake like this, he said, perhaps the store shouldn’t have hired that person.

Walmart told WGME to prevent this from happening again, they are removing this type of pairing knife from bakeries in stores around the country.

Walmart’s spokesperson said the incident “should not have happened” and that they are glad no one was hurt.

Watch Yahoo’s Odd News Headline’s report, which satirizes some of the drama surrounding the incident:

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