Rewriting History? Progressive Radio Host Says U.S. Has Been Socialist Since ‘Founding of the Republic’, Cites George Washington

Progressive radio host Thom Hartmann on Tuesday said the United States has had a “socialist government from the founding of the republic.”

The comments came after a caller argued that America wasn’t intended to be a democratic-socialist nation.

“Sure it was,” Hartmann replied. “We have a military, we have a post office, we have, we have educational systems.”

He went on to cite George Washington as proof that the nation was founded on socialist principles.

“George Washington signed the first law that provided for housing, food, and clothing for poor people in Washington, D.C. We’ve been a socialist government from the founding of the republic,” Hartmann added.


Do you agree with Hartmann? Feel free to refute his claims in the comments section below.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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