City Council Member Stuns Black Reporter: ‘Should We Deport You Back to Kenya With Obama?’

Rapid City Alderman Apologizes for Suggesting Black Reporter Be Deported Back to Kenya With Obama


Rapid City Alderman Bill Clayton has apologized to a black KOTA reporter for asking if she should “be deported…back to Kenya with Obama” and questioning whether she was an “American.”

The incident reportedly occurred in August after KOTA reporter Taisha Walker phoned Clayton and asked him how he planned to vote on a proposed property tax increase. Clayton apparently responded to her question with another question: “Should we deport you back to Kenya with Obama? Are you even an American; are you American?”

Walker then filed a complained with the city. It was the second complaint filed against Clayton, who was also being investigated by city council for comments he made about a fellow council member, according to KOTA.

Clayton claims he never watches KOTA and did not know Walker was African-American.

“I apologize to the KOTA reporter, I apologize to everybody on this council for any discord that I might have caused, I apologize to the city staff who had to spend their valuable time taking care of this, I apologize to the citizens of Rapid City (South Dakota),” Clayton said at a city council meeting on Tuesday.

He also said, just four months later, he is a changed man and has learned from his “baptism by fire.”

No further action will be taken by the city council.


(H/T: TVSpy)

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