Re-create the tilt-shift effects by using your PC

One of the best programs for creating photos with a tilt-shift miniature effect. You can find a lot of applications that claim to apply similar effect to images, still most often the algorithm is improper, e.g. they use Gaussian blur instead of much more complex Lens (optical) blur which produces an effect identical to real bokeh; or they apply semi-transparent overlay, using wrong type of transition from focused to blurred areas, etc.

Tilt Shift Generator renders the original image pixel-by-pixel with the highest accuracy. This utility offers additional settings thanks to which the result images compare well with photos taken using high-priced “tilt and shift” wide angle lens. Tilt Shift Generator surpass Photoshop tools and popular cameras’ built in filters by result.

Take a look at examples of photos, processer with this powerful tool.

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