Soldier Surprises Family Via Photobomb

photobombAfter 6 months in Romania, Army Reservist Major Ray Negron was scheduled to be released from active duty in early October. While traveling to Ft. Bl…
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Louis Farrakhan: Ebola is a ‘race targeting’ bio-weapon that doesn’t affect white people

Smart take.
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A Batch Picture Resizer will help you resize any amount of images quickly.

A Batch Picture Resizer is software that anyone who works with digital photos will find extremely useful. With this simple and cheap program, you can resize any amount of images quickly. The picture resizer can be used to reduce the size o…
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music2pc 2.19.234

A fast, free MP3 downloader for Windows. 2014-10-01…
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Diagrams illustrate routes taken by WH intruder and Secret Service Director [pics]

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Brad Thor nails it on why we should be worried about Team Obama’s response to Ebola

We’re doomed.
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Army Daughter Surprises Mom at Work!

adopted surpriseAdopted or biological, it’s always a beautiful thing when a child is reunited with their parent.Welcome Home Blog

Print Conductor

Print Conductor is a simple batch printing utility that can be a real time saver if yo frequently need to print multiple files. Manually printing usually requires opening and …….
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CNN: Ambulance ‘in use for two days after the EBOLA patient was transported’

“Not good at all.”
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Easy File Undelete is a program for undeleting files on any type of storage.

Easy File Undelete is a solid tool for recovering deleted files. The program works with Recycle Bin deleted files, formatted data and accidental file deletion. It works with over a 100 types of files, supports Raw Search, …
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‘You got to go, lady': Time for bumbling Secret Service director to hit the road?

“Far better have resigned for far less.”
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Big Brother Surprises Little Brother In Last Class

big broChris Russell was told that his big brother PFC Scott Russell would not be returning home from a year long deployment until November 1. Along with Chris…
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mTrawl is a free website scanner that enables webmasters to scan their site for broken links, missing images and HTML validation errors. The program offers options to custom…….
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Texas patient being evaluated for possible Ebola infection

“Possible Ebola case would be the 1st diagnosed in USA.”
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In case you forgot that Eric Holder is a ‘crapweasel,’ here’s a good reminder

He’ll never change.
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