‘HOW MUCH TOOTHPASTE DO YOU NEED?!’ Dem Rep. Barbara Lee attempts to #LiveTheWage

“You are either a ridiculous liar or the worst grocery shopper in the history of ever.”
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US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of the State of Florida and Law-Abiding Gun Owners Over Activist Doctors and the Gun Control Lobby

The United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled that doctors do not have the right to ask patients if they own a firearm when unnecessary to a patient’s care. This ruling is a significant defeat for the gun control lobby and its allies. The Florida chapters of the American Academies of Pediatrics and American College of Physicians…

Soldier Surprises Dad at Work

Soldier Surprises Dad at WorkMark Gooding’s son, who is stationed in Hawaii, returned home to Indiana. But before heading out to h…
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Combining an all-round Video Converter and a full-featured DVD Video Converter, Leawo Video Converter Pro is the best program for you to convert videos, audios and DVDs.

Combining an all-round Video Converter and a full-featured DVD Video Converter, Leawo Video Converter Pro is the best program for you to convert videos, audios and DVDs. As a Video Converter it supports all video and audio c…
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Comodo Backup

Comodo BackUp – Powerful Backup/Recovery tool. 2014-07-25…
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#LiveTheWage: Rep. Tim Ryan takes minimum wage challenge

Maybe it’s time to sign up for the Ohio Food Assistance Program.
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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 29 07/25/2014


‘Speak-o’ the devil! ‘It’s. The. Law.’ gets a much-needed rewrite

“It’s pretty sad when your whole defense is ‘That’s not what I meant.’”
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Homeowner fights off burglar, WRTV, Indianapolis, Ind. 07/22/14

A man arrived at his Indianapolis home, noticed that the house had been disturbed, and heard a suspicious noise coming from the second floor. The homeowner retrieved a gun, went to investigate, and discovered a burglar. The homeowner shot the criminal, prompting him to flee. Police captured the intruder a short time later. …

Soldier Surprises Daughter at Baseball Game

soldier surprises daughter at baseball gameStaff Sgt. Michael Isbell, of Greenwood, returned from duty after 11 months in A…
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Ultimate eBook Converter is a professional application that can make your e-books ready for playback on any modern device.

Epubor Ultimate Converter makes it simple to convert bunch of books to EPUB, PDF or Mobi, and the converted books are displayed exactly the way they are.

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Obamacare architect admits in 2012 that subsidies were limited to state-run exchanges

“…exactly what challengers to the administration’s implementation of the law have been arguing.”
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Illinois: Concealed carry rules tough on out-of-state residents

More than a year after Illinois passed a law allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms, the argument over a part of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act that makes it difficult for out-of-state residents to carry here is still smoldering….

NRA kicks off voter registration drive with provocative ad

A suggestive ad by the NRA for its voter registration campaign will likely get tongues wagging.The spot features a father talking to his son in a somber tone about something that’s not a toy, but is important to protect their family. He unlocks a case to reveal … a voter registration card….


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