Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 runs as a background service and defragments your hard drive only when computer is idle.

Over time, hard drives get fragmented due to half-hearted maintenance, resulting in a significantly measurable performance loss. This is where Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 steps in. The program runs as a background service and defragments y…
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Windows Inspection Tool Set

Windows Inspection Tool Set (WITS) providing you with detailed insight into your Windows system. You can view operating system information, processes, services, users, network interfaces and connecti…….
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Mocktastic Sunday-night funnies: What’s your #ReasonToExitAnObamaSpeech?

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Nailed it! Bobby Jindal shares Obama’s four stages of crisis management

Obama currently at “stage two” in managing the Ebola crisis.
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Soldier Surprises Sister During Halftime

halftimeSoldier surprises baby sister during halftime at a high school football game.Welcome Home Blog

Simpo PDF to Word Converter lets you convert a batch of encrypted PDF files to editable Word one time.

Make it easier to reuse the contents, such as text, tables and graphics, images or entire PDF documents, as it is able to convert the read-only PDF file to editable Microsoft Word, with all original contents retained well in converted Wor…
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Robusta Port Forwarder

Robusta Port Forwarder makes it easy to non-technical users to create forwarding rules on your router without having to access the router#039;s admin interface. The program pr…….
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‘Visibly angry,’ seething mad president takes out deepening frustrations on little white ball

Is anyone surprised the president’s hands-on approach to the Ebola crisis involves the shaft of a golf club?
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Sharyl Attkisson investigates Hillary Clinton’s ‘document sifter,’ Cheryl Mills

“One name stood out for its familiarity: Cheryl Mills.”
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Czary resemblance: Guy in 2001 Holiday Inn ‘Ebola’ ad looks familiar [video]

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Dog Greets Airman at Patrick Air Force Base

doggyA dog was thrilled to see a soldier returning home at Patrick Air Force Base. Welcome Home Blog

Cryper allows the user to encrypt and decrypt single files, one or more at once or even complete directories.

Cryper from Vatterott Software Solutions is a file encryption software. The program allows the user to encrypt and decrypt single files, one or more at once or even complete directories.

The most outst…
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WinSCP 5.5.6

WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer….

‘Idiots everywhere': Bonehead Wall Street protester shows a major sign of stupidity [photo]

Fer cryin’ out loud.
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‘Says a lot about the VA’: Marine Corps veteran gets runaround after spotting ID card mistake

“Bureaucracy issues.”
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