Tearful homecoming for Air Force Sergeant and his two children

Tearful homecoming for Air Force Sergeant and his two childrenAir Force Sergeant surprises his two children during school assembly. Th…
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Magpul M-LOK Accessories

Magpul’s innovative line of proprietary M-LOK accessories includes many useful, practical additions that attach directly to M-LOK-compatible furniture….
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Another Cosby Sexual Assault Accuser Goes on the Record — This Time a Former Playmate of the Month

“He came over to me and sat down on the love seat and opened his fly and grabbed my head and pushed my head down.”

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Printing Money

A quick look at how the most famous bill in the world is printed. …

Reports: Undecided Ferguson grand jury will reconvene Monday ‘at the earliest’

No announcement this weekend, according to multiple reports.
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Vladimir Putin’s Russia Adopts Concealed Carry

It’s beginning to border on the surreal. We’ve talked to great lengths about the inversion of international influence between the US and Russia. …

Ohio Planned Parenthood Abortion Referral Clinic Closes

On October 31, a Planned Parenthood abortion facility shut down in southwest Ohio. The director of communications for Planned Parenthood, Danielle Craig, said the location at 834 Ohio Pike in Withamsville is now closed. However, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, Jerry Lawson, claims the closure has nothing to do with budget cuts made [&…

uRex Video Converter Platinum offers you abundant formats with excellent quality and fast video conversion.

uRex Video Converter Platinum offers a powerful and professional video converting solution which can convert almost all the popular video formats on your PC to various formats like AVI, MP4, DivX, MPEG, H264, WMV, MKV, MOV, VOB,…
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Self-Destructing Cookies

Self-Destructing Cookies is a Firefox add-on that makes it easy to protect your online privacy by automatically deleting the cookies from websites that you are done visiting. …….
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VirtualBox 4.3.20-96996

A general-purpose full virtualizer targeted at server, desktop and embedded use. 2014-11-21…
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‘My dad is now covered’: ‘Striving immigrant’ Astrid Silva sends thank you to Sen. Harry Reid

What did Harry Reid do?
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Grassroots Alert: Vol. 21, No. 46 11/21/2014


Pro-aborts’ accusations of pro-life hypocrisy aren’t even trying anymore

Longtime readers know that pro-abortion publications like Slate, RH Reality Check, ThinkProgress, and Jezebel don’t exactly have the most stringent evidentiary standards for their attacks on pro-lifers. But for a community as large, influential, and self-righteous as the pro-choice movement, you’d think that at least a few of it…
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Forced into Obamacare, pro-life family refuses to pay hidden abortion surcharge

A Connecticut family that was forcibly transitioned from private insurance coverage to Obamacare has won a legal battle that preserves their right not to pay hidden abortion surcharges that formerly existed in 100% of the insurance exchanges in Connecticut. Abbie and Barth Bracy and their children will now be able to pay for their insurance pro…
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Army Captain surprises daughter at Wisconsin football game

Army Captain surprises daughter at Wisconsin football gameReturning home early from Afghanistan, Army Captain surprises her daughter wi…
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A*B Arms SBR P*Grip

American Built Arms Company offers a slim replacement grip as an upgrade to AR-15-platform rifles….
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See Obama’s Message to Ferguson Protesters Ahead of Impending Grand Jury Verdict

“I think first and foremost…”

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