The Ferguson Verdict Protests

The Grand Jury decided that the policeman who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri would not be indicted. As after the incident, people took to the streets to protest this decision, but the protest soon turned into riots. […]…

Little Girl’s Heart-melting Reaction to Soldier Daddy’s Surprise Homecoming

Little Girl’s Heart-melting Reaction to Soldier Daddy’s Surprise HomecomingDuring a seemingly normal school assembly, two …
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Pretty Flow

Automate your tasks with PrettyFlow. 2014-11-25…
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‘Alternate reality': President Obama feels his remarks helped keep protests ‘peaceful’

Only one city burned to the ground following his speech.
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A Scientific Phenomenon Occurs When You Use a Plate to Create a Ripple Effect in a Pool

“I totally underestimated how cool this would be.” – Stories

Kahr Arms Offers a Gift This Holiday Season

Kahr Arms is offering a $ 50 gift card for parts and accessories for select pistols purchased before the end of 2014….
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Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Argued Abortion is an Economic Benefit

In case we needed another reason to be frustrated with Jonathan Gruber, America’s most infamous architect who insulted our intelligence, he also once argued that abortion has helped improve our nation’s economy and social environment. In a paper he helped write in May 1997 for the National Bureau of Economic Research, Gruber and two f…

D.C. inches closer to contempt ruling over concealed gun law

The D.C. Council plans, with a few modifications, to make permanent the same concealed carry regulations lawmakers passed on a temporary basis — despite the fact a federal judge is considering whether to hold the city in contempt over the law….

On Twitter, Islamic State (ISIS) Supporters Call To Use Ferguson Protests As Cover For Jihad Attacks

UAE-designated terror group CAIR and the Islamic State are both looking to exploit the horror of Ferguson to advance their Islamic supremacist goals. Hamas-CAIR has been agitating and inciting for Ferguson unrest for months — here and here. On Twitter, ISIS Supporters Call To Use Ferguson Protests As Cover For Lone-Wolf Attacks, MEMRI, Novem…
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Download your digital images straight from a digital camera and organize them on your PC with RoboImport.

RoboImport is a Camera and Card Reader Image Automation program. Work like a professional. RoboImport offers more features than the software supplied with Canon and other digital cameras. Looking for the ideal digital photographer’…
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Saudi restaurants: “Women are not allowed”

Why don’t they just outlaw women while they’re at it? Sharia in action. As American hegemony and influence recedes across the world, the very worst of ideologies fills the vacuum. “Saudi Arabia: Ban on women in restaurants draws praise and criticism,” by Habib Toumi, Gulf News, November 23, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): [&…
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Breaking: Florida hunters given quiet time following suppressor decision

At a meeting in Key Largo, Friday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to remove the ban on using silencers on pistols and rifles for hunting game animals despite opposition by gun control groups….

Pro-life doctor designs womb-like experience to reconnect people with their beginnings

“When people remember their preborn life, they discover the continuity of living,” says pro-life psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney. This continuity was Dr. Ney’s impetus for creating CYRYB, a womb-like experience that combines physical and technological elements to simulate nascent development for those of us who have long since forgott…
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Magnum Research Offers 3 New Desert Eagle 1911 Models

Magnum Research now offers the company’s popular Desert Eagle 1911 line in stainless steel….
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They Were in the Middle of a Brutal Race Through the Amazon When Something Strayed Out of the Woods and Refused to Leave Their Side

“Best story ever.” – Stories

‘She’s a democrat?’ DNC gets mocked for using Mary Landrieu’s birthday in fundraising pitch

“LMAO!!! Surely you jest…”
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VLC Media Player 2.2.0 RC 2 / 2.1.5

A free video player that can read DVDs, VCDs, MPEG, DivX, more without additional codecs. 2014-11-23…
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