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Happy Thanksgiving

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British brothers jailed for attending jihad terrorism training camp

Photo: Jihadist training camps expand across Syria and Iraq Thousands of British Muslims are going devout. And dhimmi British officials talk about “de-radicalization” programs. Either they are clueless or complicit. How can they de-radicalize against an ideology they dare not name? That they demand we “respect.”  That they …
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

California: Thank You from the NRA Here is what your Contributions Made Possible in 2014

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the NRA would like to thank its members and donors for their valuable contributions this year.  Without your continued support, the NRA would not be able to do what they do in the fight for your Second Amendment rights.  The NRA, its lobbyists, and its lawyers  have been heavily involved in a number of i…

Patient With Multiple Sclerosis Was Killed and Her Organs Harvested

So, this is where euthanasia leads, and how its values spread like a virus. Belgium permits euthanasia to be combined with organ harvesting. That odious couplng has now apparently spread to the Netherlands, where Dickey Ringeling, age 61, came down with a serious case of MS. Rather than live with her disabling difficulties, she wanted be killed […

ATI Halo Side Saddle for Remington 870

Having more rounds for your self-defense scattergun is critical. ATI has a handy sidesaddle to keep more ammo at the ready….
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Hiker Takes Tragically Chilling Cellphone Photos of 300-Pound Black Bear Stalking Him

TheBlaze.com – Stories

‘Happy Genocide Day’! Guilt-mongers start in on their Thanksgiving tradition [pics]

“Try not to wipe out an entire indigenous people this week, you bastards.”
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NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2)

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) enables you to quickly and easily scan your paper documents and save them to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and other file formats. The program has b…….
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U.S. Marine surprises sister during college graduation ceremony

U.S. Marine surprises sister during college graduation ceremonyJust in time to see his sister’s graduation, this U.S. Marine is …
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Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 47

Here’s our selection from the past 7 days.

Modesto the giraffe wears a hat at the zoo in Ciudad Juarez. STRINGER/MEXICO/REUTERS


Mix music, create presentations, podcasts, or record yourself singing with Easy Audio Mixer!

Easy audio mixer is a multi track editor designed for average users. With it, you will be creating your own audio projects even if you never used a multi track editor or a mixer.

If you need to create presen…
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The Ferguson Verdict Protests

The Grand Jury decided that the policeman who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri would not be indicted. As after the incident, people took to the streets to protest this decision, but the protest soon turned into riots. […]…

Little Girl’s Heart-melting Reaction to Soldier Daddy’s Surprise Homecoming

Little Girl’s Heart-melting Reaction to Soldier Daddy’s Surprise HomecomingDuring a seemingly normal school assembly, two …
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Pretty Flow

Automate your tasks with PrettyFlow. 2014-11-25…
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‘Alternate reality': President Obama feels his remarks helped keep protests ‘peaceful’

Only one city burned to the ground following his speech.
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A Scientific Phenomenon Occurs When You Use a Plate to Create a Ripple Effect in a Pool

“I totally underestimated how cool this would be.”

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Kahr Arms Offers a Gift This Holiday Season

Kahr Arms is offering a $ 50 gift card for parts and accessories for select pistols purchased before the end of 2014….
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